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New BDA president is Dental Protection adviser

07 June 2018

Dental Protection is proud to announce that dentolegal adviser Susie Sanderson OBE has been inaugurated as the President of the British Dental Association (BDA).

Based in London, Susie has been with Dental Protection for almost five years, and in addition has held a number of senior roles in the dental profession, both nationally and internationally.

She has played key roles at the Council of European Dentists and the FDI-World Dental Federation, and was also the first female dentist to be elected to the high-profile position of chair of the BDA’s Executive Board.

Alongside working as a general dental practitioner, Susie is considered a leading expert on issues such as antimicrobial resistance, the use of dental amalgam and professional regulation.

After her inauguration Susie said: “I am immensely privileged, honoured and not a little humbled to accept the responsibility of the Presidency of the British Dental Association. 

“And I do see it as a responsibility which I will fulfil as fully as I possibly can during this very important year. I intend to make my Association proud and look forward to meeting as many members and future members as I can.”

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  • By Keith Hayes on 08 June 2018 07:00

    Congratulations Susie, you may feel honoured and privileged, but you certainly don't need to feel humbled. 

    We all know you have the ability and tenacity to get in there and make some much needed changes and to challenge the Regulator who is running amok. 

    If the BDA can do this, you can certainly expect greater support. 

    Here's wishing you well. 

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