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We know that when dentists and DCPs join or leave your practice team this may affect your Dental Protection Xtra group membership. Please let us know about this as soon as possible so we can help you retain or increase your membership benefits.

Here you can find out more about benefits relating to your group scheme and get help to manage the membership of your group. 

Adding a dentist or DCP who is already a Dental Protection member

To make a dentist who is already a Dental Protection member part of your group arrangement please ask them to contact us quoting their membership number and your practice ID. The practice ID can be found on the top right corner of the certificate for all members included in your Practice Xtra package.

Adding a dentist or DCP who is not a Dental Protection member

The dentist first needs to apply for a Dental Protection membership. To do so complete either an application form for dentists or DCPs. If the applicant wishes to pay by Direct Debit the account holder should also download and complete a payment form and include it with the application. Completed application and payment forms should sent to the address shown at the top of the form.

Please ensure the dentist clarifies that they can leave their current dental indemnity organisation and that they complete and submit their application form before their existing indemnity/insurance arrangement expires as Dental Protection membership cannot be backdated. An application can be signed and dated up to eight weeks in advance.

To transfer your practice group to a new practice principal

In order to transfer the practice scheme to a new practice principal they must first be a member of Dental Protection or should apply as shown above. Then they should complete and return a transfer form

To remove a member from your Dental Protection Xtra scheme

If a paying member wishes to cancel their membership, the member will need to contact us directly to discuss this.

To remove other members such as free DCP members from your group scheme the practice principal can contact Member Services.

In both cases we will need to know the date they wish to be removed and a forwarding address if they are leaving their current practice.


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