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Dental Practice Xtra

Cut down your day-to-day stress for just £499 per year, with a membership upgrade that includes indemnity discounts for you and your team, full individual membership for nurses, exclusive practice manager membership, and a Chairsyde subscription worth over £2964 +VAT.

Dental Practice Xtra benefits

  • 10% off Dental Protection membership for dentists, hygienists, and therapists*
  • Full individual Dental Protection membership for dental nurses* at no additional cost
  • Practice manager membership that allows practice managers to administrate Dental Practice Xtra membership on the practice principal’s behalf and at no additional cost
  • Chairsyde subscription for the whole practice at no additional cost, worth over £2964 + VAT
  • Access to Schulke's Infection Control training course
  • A dedicated local account manager

Practice Manager membership

Exclusive to practice managers working in a Dental Practice Xtra practice, this benefit allows practice managers to administrate the Xtra services on the practice principal’s behalf – for example by adding practice staff to the Xtra scheme. It also gives practice managers access to our trusted partner Croner’s expert employment law and health and safety helpline. This includes:

  • 24/7 employment law advice
  • Health and safety assistance
  • Commercial legal support
  • Advice on tax matters
  • Free business seminars
 To add your practice manager to your Dental Practice Xtra membership, contact the service centre on 0800 561 9000.


Chairsyde is an award-winning, state-of-the-art consultation platform helping dentists to boost case acceptance by enhancing patient understanding, informed consent, and risk mitigation using patient-friendly dental animations and contemporaneous tracking for record keeping. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace cutting-edge technology today. Do what you do best with peace of mind. 

Chairsyde is cloud based, simply log in from anywhere using any device. No download needed. Chairsyde’s dedicated team will be with you through every step of your Chairsyde journey. Start exploring by booking a demo today.


Already a Dental Protection Xtra member? 

Find out how to add staff to your Dental Protection Xtra membership, apply your discounts, and set up dental nurse membership. 

Dental Practice Xtra membership is limited to Practice Principal members with 3 or fewer practices. Practice Principal members with more than 3 practices should make multiple applications.

*To be eligible for Dental Protection Xtra discounts, dentists, hygienists, and dental therapists must be GDC-registered and spend at least 50% of their working hours in your practice.

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