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A Dental Protection Xtra group scheme means we are by your team’s side should you face a complaint, claim or investigation, while our educational support and dentolegal advice can help prevent problems occurring in the first place.

Here you can find out more about benefits relating to your group scheme and get help to manage the membership of your group. 

For information on how to manage your Dental Protection Xtra scheme including forms please click here.

Professional protection 

  • Practice principals. As part of your Dental Protection Xtra group scheme, you will receive 10% off your annual membership subscription.
  • Dentists, dental care professionals, associates and therapists. When dentists, DCPs, associates and therapists are part of your Dental Protection Xtra group, and they spend at least 50% of their time working in your practice, they are entitled to 10% off their annual subscription rate.
  • Dental nurses. Nurses who are registered with the GDC, and spend at least 50% of their time working in your practice, can receive free full Dental Protection membership, as a benefit of the group scheme. 

For more information about protection, advice and support for each individual in your group please see our pages for dentist members and DCP members

Advice and assistance

  • Complaints handling. Where a complaint involves a Dental Protection member we can help you formulate a response, and assist and support you through to its resolution. We can also work with you to look at why complaints have arisen and how you can address this in future. 
  • HR and business advice. Practices with a Dental Protection Xtra group scheme receive access to Croner’s business support helpline, and comprehensive online information service, Croner-i Business Essentials. The online tool gives you easy access to information and templates to help you keep on top of workplace legislation and protect your organisation. Plus with the business support line you can get personalised help with important employment and health and safety issues.
  • Local account manager. Your Dental Protection Xtra account manager is your dedicated point of contact. Stay informed about upcoming events, relevant professional development opportunities and discounts available to you, and find out how to make the most of your membership. 

Avoiding problems and reducing risk 

  • Risk management. Receive priority booking for webinars, discounts on Dental Protection events, and a free risk management session, designed to help your team manage the common risks of daily practice. 
  • Online learning. Available for all the named Dental Protection members in your group, our free online learning modules are designed to help members gain essential learning and reduce their risk of a claim or complaint. 
  • Online audit for your practice. Dental Protection Xtra practices have free access to Safety Culture 360, an online audit tool that helps you measure the safety and effectiveness of your practice, and discover what you can do to make it even safer. 
  • Dentolegal resources. You can also browse our online resources. These include case studies and dentolegal advice booklets, and are written by dentists and dentolegal professionals to give you expert, accessible advice. 
  • CQC guide. Guidance and resources to help you prepare for an inspection, organised around the key lines of enquiry (KLOEs). Explore guidance.

Continuing your membership 

When your membership is due to be renewed we will send you your Dental Protection Xtra documents to review. 

Please make sure you check them over carefully and let us know about any changes to working arrangements that could affect your membership as soon as possible. 

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