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We are a mutual society

This means our assets are owned by members and we fulfil our responsibility to protect and use those assets wisely, in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association Association.

Because we are owned by and accountable to members, our starting point is always ‘how can we help?’ We act in the interests of individual members and the interests of the membership as a whole, taking decisions that best support members’ needs. We pursue the highest standards of stewardship and corporate governance.


We are not-for-profit

MPS is not an insurance company.  We are a not-for-profit organisation, owned solely by members and this informs all our thinking and all our decisions.

Unlike an insurance company, we don’t have profit-seeking shareholders to answer to, and all subscriptions are used for the benefit of the membership. Our focus is solely on supporting and protecting our members, not only today but for as long as they need us.

Annual report and accounts

We are run by healthcare, legal and financial services professionals

As fellow professionals, we understand the challenges members face and are truly passionate about ensuring their security and peace of mind.

Tax Strategy