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What is a DDO?

DDO stands for ‘Dental Defence Organisation’. They provide protection and support with claims and cases arising from clinical practice. As a mutual, not for profit, organisation, Dental Protection exists to support members and help protect their careers and reputation.

With Dental Protection you get more than just defence. Membership gives you access to plenty of resources to complement your studies, empowering you to help avoid mistakes and risks in the future. 

Why do I need Dental Protection as a student?

During your studies, you’ll start putting into practice what you’ve learned by treating patients in clinic. You can request assistance from Dental Protection with dentolegal problems that might arise from this work. While it may not seem like something you require right now, it’s important to have the protection just in case you need it.

As well as this, we can help give you the tools and skills to help avoid problems from arising in the first place. We offer a range of risk prevention resources to help you now and throughout your whole career as a dental professional.

Does my student membership include assistance for an elective?

Yes – Dental Protection student members can extend their membership to include the right to request assistance with matters arising from their electives for free. Depending upon the nature of your elective, you may not have protection in place for the role you will be doing, and your student membership may help to fill this gap. 

Once your elective has been authorised by the Dean of the University you are studying at, you will need to contact us and confirm where you’re going and the dates of your elective.   

Please note, our elective protection is only available for student members in the countries we operate in: UK, Ireland, South Africa, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, or Caribbean and Bermuda.

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When can I contact Dental Protection as a student?

As a member, you can call our dentolegal advice line for assistance and advice during normal working hours. In addition, our emergency line is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Expert guidance from our dentolegal team – many of whom are dentists – is just part of what makes being a Dental Protection member worthwhile.

How early can I renew my membership for my Foundation Year?

You can renew your membership for your Foundation Year any time during your final year of study.

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Dentolegal advice
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