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What is professional protection and why do I need it?

During your training, you’ll start putting into practice what you’ve learned by going out on clinical placement.
Professional protection can assist you with any dentolegal problems that might arise from your work on placement. 

This includes:

issues that come from taking a history or performing a physical examination of a patient
communicating with patients and relatives
difficulties with sharing information with colleagues
dental school fitness to practise proceedings
any criminal proceedings arising from seeing patients during your training.

What’s included in your student membership?

  • The dental student pocket guide, covering everything from day one as a fresher to overseas electives.
  • The right to request protection for Good Samaritan Acts.
  • Free access to our online learning platform with exam support and revision resources.
  • Discounts on a wide range of dentistry textbooks.
  • The right to request protection for your elective.

The best part? All of this is completely free throughout your time as a dental student.

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Wherever you are in your studies, we can give you the tools and skills to help avoid risks throughout your whole career.

Join Dental Protection today

What is a DDO?

Dental defence organisations give you the right to request indemnity should you face any claims or complaints in your clinical practice. 

With Dental Protection you also get more than defence. Membership gives you access to plenty of resources to complement your studies, empowering you to help avoid mistakes and risks in the future. 

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Surviving dental school: social media

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