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Progressing in your career means more independence and more responsibility. We know it’s both an exciting and challenging time, and that the learning never stops. To help you continually develop your knowledge and skills, and reach your full potential, we provide a range of content, workshops, e-learning modules and webinars exclusively for members.

Featured content

Continue learning and developing

Dr Kalpesh Prajapat, author of Dental Associate Interviews: An Ultimate Preparation Guide, provides guidance on how to choose the right development courses for you, and ensure you never stop learning and improving.

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How to write a good CV

Every job application begins with a CV so it’s essential to spend the time getting yours just right. We look at what your CV should and shouldn’t include and how to present it in a way that’ll catch a recruiter’s eye.

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Develop outstanding communication skills

Developing strong communication expertise early on can be the one thing that helps you stand out from other practitioners. Dr Kalpesh Prajapat, author of Dental Associate Interviews: An Ultimate Preparation Guide, shares his tips for mastering this essential skill.

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Managing stress

Dentolegal consultant Annalene Weston looks at how to manage stress levels

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Setting yourself apart

Learn ways to stand out from the crowd whilst looking for your first associate position.

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Featured webinar: Going from foundation dentist to associate

Couldn’t make the webinar? Watch the recorded version now

It can be daunting making the transition from foundation dentist to associate or DCT. Before taking the step-up, join dentolegal consultants George Wright and David Hartoch, who will shine a light on three key areas to consider. They’ll take you through the common mistakes some young dentists make and offer guidance on how to avoid them.

Don’t forget you can watch this webinar with your educational supervisor as part of a tutorial.


Our protection in practice

The average GDP will experience 2 claims over a typical career. Watch the video to find out how the claims process works, and how we support and protect you at every step.

Featured online courses

There’s over 40 hours of CPD material you can access through our e-learning platform, Prism. Our online modules cover everything from professionalism and ethics to infection control. You can also store your certificates from completed modules, which comes in useful when working to meet your CPD requirements as an associate.

Here are some of the modules you can study:

Dental core training modules

Are you heading for, or considering, dental core training? This set of online modules helps you prepare for life in hospital after your foundation year.

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Professionalism and ethics

This series emphasises the importance of having a professional framework within the dental profession. You’ll consider the idea of patient autonomy and the advantages of reviewing your own values system. The 12 areas covered include ethics and law, patient autonomy and consent, and duty of care.

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Complaint handling

Part of our Safer Practice series, this module highlights the common risks associated with handling complaints. It explores all the components of complaint handling good practice and gives you the tools to help stop a complaint escalating to a claim.

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Dental records

Delivered across six modules you’ll learn how to avoid the issues caused by poor record keeping, such as potential harm to patients and the risk of receiving a complaint. We also look at how good practice contributes to clinical care and the correct sequencing of treatment through effective record keeping.

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If you’ve already set up a Direct Debit, your membership will automatically renew. However, if you intend to go into hospital training instead of general practice let us know as subscription rates vary.

England and Wales

 Your type of work Subscription rate
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 GDP associate continuing dental VT £35
 NHS Hospital or Community Dental Service £35


 Your type of work Subscription rate
 GDP associate after completing DF1 £40
 GDP associate continuing dental VT £35
 NHS Hospital or Community Dental Service £10

If you need to set up a direct debit just call 0800 561 9000 (Monday to Friday 08.00 to 18.30), or email us at

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