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Dental Protection and Chairsyde

Post date: 04/02/2021 | Time to read article: 3 mins

The information within this article was correct at the time of publishing. Last updated 19/07/2021

We’re partnering with Chairsyde to bring members their unique consultation platform

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What is Chairsyde? 

Designed by dentists for dentists, Chairsyde is a unique interactive consultation platform that helps patients visualise conditions and procedures, both on video call and face-to-face. Chairsyde can help grow your practice, connect with patients remotely and educate your community. It can also help protect you from claims and complaints by revolutionising workflow, communication and records.

Chairsyde-16 Chairsyde-57
Chairsyde-16 Chairsyde-57

For you and your team

Every part of the patient/dentist interaction is tracked, logged and time stamped to help mitigate you from risks of litigation. It also features:

  • Secure video call and scheduling, allowing patients to book and connect with you through a virtual consultation online. They can upload photos, complete forms and even pay straight from your website
  • Interactive animations, illustrations and clinical photography proven to grow your practice and increase case acceptance by 32%
  • Chairsyde Portfolio, allowing you to showcase and annotate your ‘before and afters’ online. You can even sync to your Instagram account
  • Automated post consultation emails
  • Safer access to your patients, while increasing patient understanding by 74%

For your patients and community

Chairsyde simplifies the often complicated, confusing or frightening. When you can visualise a treatment plan, it is always easier to understand. Features include:

  • Animated education suite to help patients visualise conditions and treatments, and learn more about oral health
  • Patient access to view treatment plans and replay animations
  • Direct contact to dentists to ask questions 

Why Chairsyde?

A recent Dental Protection survey showed that 88% of participating dentists want changes made to their practice in relation to teledentistry to continue beyond COVID-19. But 62% said a key barrier to undertaking teledentistry and remote consultations is patients not having access to the technology. 

Chairsyde records the patient journey right from the first consultation and includes date-stamped evidence of visuals shown and information communicated to patients as part of the consent process. Through improved communication, the ability to capture patient consent in this way, and enabling more robust record keeping, Dental Protection hopes that the value and volume of claims against dentists could be reduced over time.

Dental Protection Director, Raj Rattan, said: “Teledentistry is not a new concept: there is evidence of remote dental consultations taking place as early as 1994, treating soldiers all over the world. However, it is gaining traction as it provides an innovative solution to support dental practices and their patients during COVID-19 and beyond. Indeed, 88% of members say they want the changes they have made to their practice in relation to teledentistry to continue beyond the pandemic.

“Dentists tell us, however, that the main barrier to them undertaking teledentistry is that patients do not have access to the technology. We want to support members and respond to the challenges they face now, and in the future. I am therefore excited about our partnership with Chairsyde which will provide dentists and their patients with this unique technology for use remotely or during face-to-face consultations.

“Chairsyde is a fitting partner for Dental Protection as we hold many of the same values; we are both run by dentists for dentists, and we are both working to support dentists in managing their risk of cases, claims and complaints whilst fighting to reduce the cost of indemnity. 

“Chairsyde has many applications and its content and design helps to address many aspects of patient communication, consent, record keeping and clinical risk management. A lot of dentolegal cases identify shortcomings in one or more of these areas. The functionality of the platform should significantly drive down the risks associated with these shortcomings.”
Loven Ganeswaran, Dentist and Founder at Chairsyde, added: "We're delighted to announce this exciting and innovative partnership with leaders in indemnity, Dental Protection, to help our community of dentists by reducing stress and mitigating risk associated with claims through our unique and interactive smart technology. 

“Our joint mission, to protect dentists and ignite business growth whilst transforming patient health is an exciting proposition that will not only have a positive impact on daily practice but will also help shape the future of dental consultations for the better."

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