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Many complaints and dentolegal claims relate to poor communication between dentist and patient, or between colleagues.

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The latest advice and guidance from our dentolegal experts.


Our regular events provide practical tools and tips to help you manage clinical risk and deliver improved patient care.

Case studies

Explore our collection of case studies bringing to life real examples of clinical negligence.

Media support

Should you attract adverse publicity, we can issue press statements and act as a spokesperson to the media to shield you as far as possible from having to deal directly with the press.

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Online learning resources and webinars

Dental Protection members can access the following material by logging into our e-learning platform PRISM.

Digital Future: Teleconsultation Series

  • Module 1: Essentials of teleconsulting communication
  • Module 2: How to tackle tricky patient scenarios when teleconsulting
  • Module 3: Teledentistry - Overcoming risky interactions with colleagues remotely
  • Module 4: Ask the experts - Your teleconsulting questions answered

More recent webinar recordings:

  • Remote consulting during COVID-19
  • Medicolegal and dentolegal issues during lockdown