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Our Approach to Business

Compliance with the law, transparency and fair competition

MPS is committed to carrying out its business in a fair, open and honest manner and in full compliance with its legal obligations in every jurisdiction in which it conducts business.

MPS supports free and fair competition and strives to deal with all parties fairly and equitably. MPS will not make untrue or misleading statements about competitors.

Zero tolerance for fraudulent or corrupt business practices including bribery

We will not conduct business with third parties who operate in a fraudulent or corrupt manner including bribery.

All staff (including directors) must adhere to the highest levels of honesty, integrity and ethics at all times when conducting business on behalf of MPS. MPS will not tolerate any kind of fraudulent or corrupt business practice.  

We will pursue all appropriate legal remedies against third parties or staff parties involved in fraudulent or corrupt business practices including bribery. Staff who commit such acts will, subject to our compliance with employment laws, be dismissed.

Code of Ethical Conduct

MPS seeks to be an ethical company and to act consistently and fairly. MPS’s Council has set out a Code of Ethical Conduct and communicated it to all staff.

Diligence and avoidance of conflicts of interests

MPS staff are expected to put the interests of MPS ahead of their own personal interests. All business conducted on behalf of MPS should be performed in a diligent and loyal manner. We encourage our staff to avoid conflicts and outside interests in potential conflict with those of MPS and, where any such conflicts arise, we have processes in place by which these should be declared and reviewed.

Corporate governance

We aspire to best practice in corporate governance. Our board – MPS Council – is supported by leading actuaries, accountants and investment managers.

Modern slavery statement

We will not tolerate any kind of unlawful business practice, including bribery and modern slavery. A copy of our modern slavery statement for the year ending 31 December 2016 is available here.