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  • Refused, cancelled (including a decline to renew) or made void 
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When interacting with MPS, you may choose to give MPS information about your criminal convictions and offences (including alleged offences), your health, race, ethic origin, sex life, sexual orientation and trade union membership (“Special Category Data”). This happens where that information is relevant to your membership or the actual or potential provision of advice, assistance or indemnity.  We may also receive Special Category Data about you from others in connection with membership or advice, assistance or indemnity (e.g from a complainant, claimant, witness, expert, court or regulator).

To find out more about how we collect, use and handle your data including Special Category Data, please see the Privacy Statement on our website

When you tick the box below, you expressly consent to MPS processing your Special Category Data for the purpose of providing you with membership and its benefits (including assistance and indemnity). 

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(iii) You understand that membership is not conferred automatically and is subject to approval by MPS

(iv) You acknowledge that any subscription payments made are subject to verification and that acceptance of a payment by MPS does not of itself confirm membership and/or entitlement to request benefits

(v) You will inform us if your personal circumstances or scope of practice change

(vi) We may seek information from other professional defence organisations, insurance companies, employers, and/or other third parties in respect of membership and that they may release to us such information

(vi) For the purposes of the South African law and The Protection of Personal Information Act (4 of 2013), we may obtain, process, retain and transfer your personal data as set out in the Privacy Statement on our website

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