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Breaking the burnout cycle

Through the “Breaking the burnout cycle: keeping dentists and patients safe” campaign Dental Protection is making a range of policy recommendations that, if taken seriously, would help to improve the mental health and wellbeing of dentists and mitigate the risks of burnout in the profession.

News and updates

Dental Protection launches a new workshop for members

09 August 2012

The third workshop in Dental Protection’s communication and risk management skills series will be launched on 28 August in Hong Kong during the FDI Annual World Dental Congress. Key stakeholders from a variety of countries have been invited to attend the inaugural workshop that will be introduced by Kevin Lewis (Dental Director) and facilitated by John Tiernan (Director of Educational Services DPL/MPS).

Like the other workshops in the series (Mastering Your Risk and Mastering Adverse Outcomes), Mastering Difficult Interactions is a three-hour interactive workshop that is available to members free of charge and to non-members at a charge.

Mastering Difficult Interactions provides a solution-focused approach to enhancing effectiveness and ease when dealing with difficult interactions.

By attending this workshop delegates will:

  • Understand the choices available when faced with a difficult interaction
  • Learn techniques to minimise conflict and deal with challenging scenarios
  • Build the skills to effectively "diagnose" the problem
  • Learn personal "survival" skills to reduce stress
  • Improve the clinical outcomes of these complex situations.

Kevin Lewis, Dental Director of DPL said; ‘Although the majority of dental procedures are performed without incident, when things go wrong the experience can be sufficiently unfamiliar that the clinician can find it difficult to maintain control of the situation. By rehearsing the situation in a secure environment, the dentist can learn how to manage the situation in the best interests of the patient at those difficult moments.

The new workshop will run in the UK and Ireland later this year when early booking is advised. Full details are available online

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