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Clear aligners: Partnership with 32Co means priority bookings for Dental Protection members

22 April 2024

Dental Protection announces that their partnership with 32Co, the world’s first fully-integrated clear aligner system, has been extended to offer Dental Protection members in Ireland priority access to courses. Completion of 32Co’s courses will also count towards five RiskCredits, whereby we reward dentists with reduced subscriptions as part of our package of risk management initiatives. 

Our partnership with 32Co combines training, manufacturing choice and 1:1 orthodontic mentorship into dentists’ clear aligner workflow. This is the first partnership between a clear aligner company and a dental indemnifier, one that hopes to reduce risk for dentists, and improve patient outcomes.  

Dental Protection members in Ireland will now gain priority access to 32Co’s flagship training. The Clear Aligner Stretch Course improves the clinical confidence and workflow of existing providers in a CPD-accredited, comprehensive 4-week certification to get better clinical outcomes. For practice owners looking to train new providers, the equally rigorous Clear Aligner Starter Course gets associates treating patients safely in under ​4​-weeks. With a significant waitlist for their training, Dental Protection members will now be first in line for each newly released course date. Members can also access the 32Co Platform, which makes it possible to work directly with a specialist orthodontist on every case.   

Dr Sonia Szamocki, founder of 32Co, said: “We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Dental Protection, the world’s leading dental indemnifier. We share a common vision of empowering dentists to provide safe and effective clear aligner therapy, while reducing risk and enhancing patient satisfaction. We believe that clear aligner orthodontics is not just a plastic device​. It’s a life changing device​ that requires proper training and support to get the results patients deserve. That’s why we created 32Co, a platform that provides everything dentists need to succeed with clear aligners.”  

Dr Raj Rattan MBE, Dental Director at Dental Protection, said: “We are delighted to extend our partnership with 32Co to Dental Protection members in Ireland. Clear aligners are becoming increasingly popular among patients and dentists alike. Innovation often brings risk in its wake, and it is important to assess and manage the level of risk, not to mention patient expectations. 32Co provide an elegant solution by offering personalised training and 1:1 orthodontic mentorship which is fully integrated into the clear aligner case workflow. This not only improves clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction but reduces clinical risk and the likelihood of complaints and claims. Dental Protection members can look forward to priority access to 32Co’s flagship training which is available at no cost to members.”  

Dental Protection members can apply here to get priority access to 32Co’s Clear Aligner Stretch or Starter Course.

Our partnership is with 32Co and Dental Protection has no affiliation with any clear aligner provider or laboratory who may be advertised on 32Co's Clear Aligner Marketplace.

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