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Advice and protection specifically designed for
dental hygienists.

Don't rely on your employer, contact us yourself!

As a practising dental hygienist, having your own membership with a protection organisation gives you a far greater range of benefits than offered by your employer alone.

If you are employed by a dentist, you can only request indemnity from your employer's defence organisation for clinical negligence. 

Only around 20% of the cases that we handle are for clinical negligence. The other 80% are complaints, Dental Council investigations, disciplinary matters, and requests for advice about issues such as communication, record keeping and consent.

Individual membership with us allows you to request indemnity and assistance in all these situations.

About to graduate?

Newly qualified dental hygienists qualify for discounted membership... Just €20 for the first year!

Become a dental member and receive the following great benefits:

  • Support When You Need It
  • Assistance with Complaints
  • Confidential Counselling Service
  • Education, Events & Risk Management Resources