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For the dental profession the threat of patient complaints and litigation has never been greater and seems to increase on a yearly basis.

This is not just a European problem or one confined to general practice. Indeed the various regulatory authorities throughout the world report a similar story. 

Dental Protection offers the dental profession a service that is designed to create peace of mind throughout a professional career and beyond. 

Broadly speaking if you receive a complaint it will, fall into one of two categories. Those involving clinical care (ie, a failure of that care) and those arising from the delivery of that care (the patient service element). Both require very different skills to address. Skills that unfortunately are simply not taught at dental school.

Thankfully dentists in Ireland can access the largest team of dento-legal advisers anywhere in the world. Our highly qualified advisers have a wide range of the right skills and expertise in every aspect of clinical and professional life. Our advisers are here for you, irrespective of whether you need advice, reassurance or more detailed assistance.>

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