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Handling the Media

We have developed a comprehensive guide for doctors who receive attention from the media. Handling the Media - A Guide for Doctors has been designed to reflect members’ needs and the current press environment. The guide provides advice on the most effective way to respond to a journalist, from initial contact to providing a statement.


  • How can MPS help you deal with the media?
  • How the media may contact you
  • Protecting patients’ privacy
  • Reporters at legal proceedings
  • What can you say to the media?
  • Confidentiality
  • GP practices and private clinics – supporting your team
  • Social media and discussion sites
  • What can you do if it all goes wrong?
  • How can you seek redress?
  • Factually incorrect articles Injunction


Download the handling the media guide

Correct as of March 2016

Handling the Media has been updated and redesigned to reflect members’ needs and the current press environment. Significant additions to the guide are chapters on reporters at legal proceedings, undercover journalism, and social media and discussion sites to reflect the current investigative and online press environment, where doctors can get caught out.