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With your foundation year coming to an end, it’s time to get the best protection possible for your career ahead.

As a not-for-profit, member-owned organisation, we exist to protect your career, reputation and finances from complaints and legal challenge. When you renew with Dental Protection, you get expert advice and support when you need it most, claims protection you can depend on, plus access to verified CPD, wellbeing resources and more. 

And, we’ll send you a £10 Just Eat voucher to say thanks for choosing us.

Terms and conditions apply.

Get our best ever rates


First time associate


Dental core training 


Second foundation year

If you decide to do Dental Core Training (DCT) or a second foundation (FD) year instead, give us a call on 0800 561 9000 when your renewal documentation lands, and we’ll adjust your renewal.


Already a member?

Your membership will automatically roll over, so you don't need to do anything right now.

We'll take payment from the same Direct Debit details you provided last year, but if your bank details have changed since then, let us know by calling 0800 561 9000.

Not a member yet?

If you’re not a member, simply email our team on [email protected] to set up your new membership.

Join today

In June, you’ll receive your renewal documentation which will include your Year 2 subscription rate, and we’ll take payment via Direct Debit or your chosen payment method. Your membership will automatically renew onto a full-time associate dentist rate, but if this doesn’t reflect your chosen route, just let us know.


Practising in Scotland?

This page shows renewal information for members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you're practising in Scotland, you can find out how to renew here.


Considering providing clear aligners?

We understand that you may want to offer your patients more treatment options, so we’ve partnered with 32Co to help build your skills and reduce your risk. If you’re a Foundation dentist entering Year 2 membership, your subscription rate will not change if you offer clear aligner treatment, provided you undertake the 32Co Starter course and continue to provide clear aligners after successfully completing it.**

As a Dental Protection member, you'll get priority access to this free flagship training. The CPD-accredited Clear Aligner Starter Course is spread across just 4 weeks and gives you the extra support and confidence to treat patients safely. You can also get access to the 32Co Platform, so you can work directly with a specialist orthodontist on every case.

Find out more

You’ll need to let us know when you start the 32Co Starter Course by giving our team a call on 0800 561 9000.

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Membership Benefits

Here’s some of the benefits you can access as a Dental Protection member:

Advice and legal representation

The right to request advice and legal representation for disciplinary and regulatory proceedings and criminal investigations related to your professional practice

Clinical negligence

The right to request indemnity for clinical negligence claims (not covered by NHS indemnity) and Good Samaritan acts worldwide

Complaints support

Help responding to and resolving patient complaints

Dentolegal advice

Dentolegal advice line including out of hours emergency support 24/7. Access to the advice line is unlimited, and the number of times you call has no impact on your subscription rate

Expert legal team

Access to a dedicated expert legal team which may include clinical negligence solicitors, dentolegal consultants and professional claims managers

Help with unwanted media attention

Expert support including preparing statements and responding to the media on your behalf

Professional development workshops and online courses

Workshops, online courses and webinars with accredited CPD to develop your communication and risk management skills

Confidential counselling service

Access to confidential counselling at no additional cost, via our trusted partners ICAS

Risk management resources

Access to online publications and case studies

What membership means for you

At Dental Protection, we believe our support, advice and defence makes us the best choice. Trust us to help protect your career and reputation on the next step of your professional journey, and for years to come.

Find out what our ambassador Dr Yewande Oduwole says about indemnity

*The above rates represent the average Year 2 member. Subscription rates are tailored to your individual circumstances and may vary depending on risk profile.

If you’re a Foundation dentist entering Year 2 membership, your subscription rate will not change if you provide clear aligner treatment as part of the 32Co Starter Course and for cases undertaken after successful completion of the course with 32Co DUO support.  

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