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Breaking the burnout cycle

Through the “Breaking the burnout cycle: keeping dentists and patients safe” campaign Dental Protection is making a range of policy recommendations that, if taken seriously, would help to improve the mental health and wellbeing of dentists and mitigate the risks of burnout in the profession.

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Hong Kong Hospital Authority– Press Statement

29 November 2018
Dr Pardeep Sandhu, Executive Director at MPS said: 

“The Hospital Authority (HA) will now provide its employees – including doctors, dentists, and nurses, solicitors and accountants - cover for regulatory issues as part of the employee benefits package. 

“Following this decision, we are pleased to announce that Medical Protection and Dental Protection members who are employed by the Hospital Authority (HA) will be offered a new membership option that is specifically tailored to address the HA changes.

“The new membership option offers essential support not covered by the claims and regulatory assistance they will receive from HA. This includes the right to request assistance with disciplinary proceedings, coroner’s inquests, internal investigations, complaints, criminal investigations arising from clinical care and protection for Good Samaritan acts. The new option will be made available at renewal to all members employed by the Hospital Authority, with subscription rates adjusted accordingly.

“Our data shows that over the past decade, 60% of the cases that were opened on behalf of members in Hong Kong were matters beyond claims and regulatory assistance.

“As a member-owned, not-for-profit organisation, with over 60 years of experience in Hong Kong, we know how important it is to listen to members and ensure their needs are met. Having engaged with members and stakeholders in Hong Kong we know that a number of members wish to maintain full protection with us. Full protection includes the right to request independent representation for regulatory matters.

“Members who are not employed by the HA will not be affected by this change and their membership will continue as it is. 

“We remain committed to supporting members in Hong Kong and will continue to work with them to ensure we continue to meet their needs.” 

Notes to the editor:
The data was collected by MPS data as 31 December 2017 collected between 2008 and 2017 and it is based on a total of 4,047 cases opened.

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