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Breaking the burnout cycle

Through the “Breaking the burnout cycle: keeping dentists and patients safe” campaign Dental Protection is making a range of policy recommendations that, if taken seriously, would help to improve the mental health and wellbeing of dentists and mitigate the risks of burnout in the profession.

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Dental Protection Horizons Roadshow 2015: How to avoid becoming a statistic

28 August 2015

With almost 5,000 complaints to the General Dental Council (GDC) and the Dental Complaints Service in the past year, dentists are understandably anxious about receiving a complaint. In addition, a Dental Protection survey of over 700 dental members earlier this year revealed that 72% of respondents are fearful of being sued by patients, with this fear impacting on the way 81% practise dentistry.1

Although the chances of erasure by the GDC are very slim, the distressing impact of an investigation can be devastating to a practitioner. A separate survey by Dental Protection questioning those who have been investigated by the GDC found that 33% contemplated leaving the profession because of the experience.2

Senior Dentolegal Advisers at Dental Protection, Sue Boynton and Stephen Henderson, are presenting the annual Horizons Roadshow in September to explain what happens when dentists receive a claim and what they can do to reduce their risk. Real-life case examples will be explored and the impact of the GDC’s current reform of Fitness to Practise procedures will also be discussed.

The interactive sessions will be held in Newcastle on 7 September , Sheffield on 8 September, Cardiff on 9 September and London on 10 September.

Kevin Lewis, Dental Director at Dental Protection said: “Dentists are currently working in the most hostile claims and regulatory environment we have seen, and as a result, the chance of receiving a GDC complaint has never been greater. In fact, the GDC has reported that the number of complaints reaching them has doubled in the past four years. More and more of these complaints are unrelated to clinical dentistry, so even the best dentists can still find themselves challenged by the GDC.

“Dental Protection has vast experience dealing with claims and the GDC. Our Horizons Roadshow provides an opportunity to find out about the pitfalls that can lead to claims and regulatory investigations and how to avoid becoming one of the unwelcome statistics.”

For further information or to book your tickets please contact the Dental Protection events team on 0207 399 2914 or email [email protected]

Notes to Editors

    1. Dental Protection conducted a survey of dental members to find out about their experience and awareness of claims for clinical negligence and how it had impacted on them. The survey ran from 19 February 2015 to 5 March 2015 and received 741 responses.
    2. Dental Protection conducted a survey of dental members to find out about the effect a GDC investigation had on them. The survey ran from 23 March 2015 to 6 April 2015 and received 140 responses.
    3. Sue Boynton is a Senior Dentolegal Adviser at Dental Protection. Her background is in general dental practice and the community dental service. Sue has experience as a postgraduate tutor and is a trained mentor and NLP master. Following her Masters degree in Medical Law Sue’s areas of interest within Dental Protection include complaints resolution and regulation. Sue lectures regularly in the UK and internationally and is also Dental Protection’s Head of Dental Services Ireland.
    4. Stephen Henderson is a Senior Dentolegal Adviser at Dental Protection. He is a Specialist in Oral Surgery and his background was firstly in hospital practice working in a number of oral surgery units before moving to Oxford where he has been in mixed general and referral practice for more than 20 years. He continues to work in practice on a part time basis. Within Dental Protection, Stephen’s particular interest, following his degree in Medical Law, is Regulatory Law and he reports on the activities of the Regulators in the UK and Ireland. He is also Dental Protection’s Lead for Hong Kong. He has lectured in the UK and internationally both on oral surgery and risk management.
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    6. Tickets are priced at £40 for Dental Protection members and £60 for non-members.

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