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The dental student hub is a collection of resources, information and top tips that can help you become the best dentist you can be.

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It's a great start point for the latest Dental Protection information and resources for students.

Services and key information for students

Student advice line

If you are worried about any current or potential issues affecting your studies, our team of experts are here to help.

Dentolegal articles and features

You have access to a wide range of resources and guidance to help you through your time at dental school.

Counselling service

The support we provide goes beyond protecting you against cases and claims. We’re not only here to protect your career and reputation, but your wellbeing too. 

Resources and guidance

As a Dental Protection member, you have access to a wide range of resources and guidance to help you through your time at dental school, and as you take your first steps into practice. Take a look at some of the most relevant articles, podcast episodes, webinars and more below.

Articles and features

Our articles and features offer you insight and guidance on key topics relevant to your dental career. Here’s a snapshot of some of the most relevant articles you might find helpful.

Case studies

Case studies introduce areas of risk associated with clinical situations using real life examples. They are quick to read and help you understand potential pitfalls before you experience them yourself. 

Online learning resources and webinars

Our webinars provide live expertise and advice for dentists and dental care practitioners by taking a deeper dive into specific topics and issues.

Webinar recordings are available to members via our online learning platform Prism.

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