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Dental Protection produces regular risk management publications, advising and supporting dental members around the world and in all stages of their careers.

Please email [email protected] if you would like to request a copy of one our publications. Alternatively, a full archive is available to members by logging into Prism.
  • Riskwise New Zealand November 2019 - October, 2019

    In this edition: 

    Dental Protection talks about the fear around treating pregnant patients, trigeminal nerve injuries related to restorative treatment and the increase in orthodontics. 

    There are also a variety of case studies to read, providing advice from real life scenarios.
  • Riskwise New Zealand January 2019 - March, 2019

    In this edition:

    Robert Caplin looks at how properly weighing up the various factors in a decision can benefit both practitioner and patient.

    While the procedure to remove third molars itself might be broadly the same, many of the patients involved are not.

    Dr Raj Rattan explains the importance of managing the relationship with patients when working in a general dental practice.

    Download the publication below.
  • Riskwise New Zealand - February, 2018

    In the most recent edition of Riskwise New Zealand we provide you with help and guidance to avoid potential dentolegal pitfalls throughout your career.

    Our periodontal disease expert Dr Andrew Walker offers tips and guidance on the effective ways of taking records and notes when monitoring periodontal disease. As we know, this greatly helps to assist us in defending you should a complaint or challenge arise.

    Dr Raj K Dhaliwal has taken a look at the customer service methods of technology giant Apple, and considers how we can apply their golden rules to improve our interaction with patients.

    Members can read the current edition and browse through a library of publications, on Prism, our e-learning platform. Download a copy below.