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Our Dental Advice Booklets provide in-depth risk management information on common problem areas.

The Continuum Series of booklets guide and support you on your way from student to graduation, and help you safely negotiate the many challenges that can arise at critical points in your career through to a happy and worry-free retirement.

Dental Advice Booklets

  • Handling Complaints (Hong Kong) - February 2017

    In today's world it is easy to develop a fear of complaints or litigation. No professional likes reading a complaint about themselves or receiving criticism from a patient whether it is valid or not.

  • Second Opinions - August 2014

    We are practising in a society which is becoming more consumer-orientated and litigious than ever before. Our patients are more aware of their rights, and more prepared to speak up for them. On occasions members of our profession will encounter patients who are unexpectedly demanding, critical and unforgiving.


Continuum Series

  • Wellness - March 2016

    For most of us, dentistry is a rewarding and challenging profession. Whether you are a student, a young graduate in a training post or an experienced old hand, it is also worth remembering that dentistry has also been identified as one of the most stressful of the health professions.

  • Confidentiality (Hong Kong) - February 2016

    A patient’s consent to investigations or treatment is a fundamental aspect of the proper provision of  dental care. 

    But unless that consent is valid a dentist is vulnerable to criticism on a number of counts, not least those of assault and/or negligence - which in turn could lead respectively to criminal charges and/or civil claims against the dentist.