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You’ve dedicated your life to taking care of others, but in these new and uncertain times it’s never been more important to take care of yourself too.

We all face mental health challenges; our response is deeply personal and ever-changing as we move through our lives and careers. And we all have times when life gets overwhelming. Whether you want to lower your stress, sleep better or reduce burnout, getting the right support can help you take positive steps to wellbeing.

We’ve partnered with ICAS International to deliver a flexible and professional wellbeing service for our members. This means you have access to daily advice and information via the ICAS eCare app and if you need to, you can talk one-on-one to a licensed counsellor through a free and confidential service.

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Free counselling from ICAS

Dental Protection members have access to counselling as part of their membership for work-related issues or stress that they feel could impact their practice, such as burnout, anxiety and conflict.

Our counselling service is provided by our trusted partners ICAS, who offer a personalised and professional service tailored specifically to the members’ requirements and delivered by experienced qualified counsellors.

Members can access telephone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and face-to-face counselling sessions can be arranged if necessary.

The service is entirely confidential and independent of Dental Protection – any members’ contact with ICAS will remain private – and accessing the service is easy.

To book your free session call ICAS on 1800 808 374 and quote your Dental Protection membership number.

eCare app from ICAS

Exclusively for Dental Protection members, the eCare app is a personalised online wellness service that offers members fun and interactive ways to monitor, measure and promote balanced healthy living.

Keep on top of your wellbeing with recipes, articles and advice. Take positive steps to improvement with 5-day challenges, wellness assessments, personal health reports, interactive quizzes and more.

Search for ‘eCare mobile’ in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and use code DP001 to get started.


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50% off Portal Premium: the award-winning wellbeing app that takes you away from it all

Our surroundings have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing, but we often have little control over the environments we spend most of our time in. Portal changes that.

Portal harnesses the power of immersive technology, including 3D spatial audio and smart lighting integration, to provide instant escapes to some of the most calming, remote and peaceful locations on the planet. From tropical beaches in Thailand to thunderstorms in the Amazon rainforest, these environments are all designed to help you sleep, focus, relax and unwind.

Breaking the burnout cycle

A recent Dental Protection survey of dental practitioners in Australia shows increasing levels of burnout among the profession. Burnout creates problems not just for the clinician as an individual, but it can also impact patients and the wider dental team.


Other support available

RiskBites: Proactive Resilience

In this episode of RiskBites, Dentolegal Consultant Dr Annalene Weston and Case Manager Anita Kemp at Dental Protection discuss the importance of proactive resilience during these times, and explore the best strategies to develop this skill for when you need it most.

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RiskBites: Recognising burnout – tackling moral injury and moral distress

Burnout is a significant concern impacting dental professionals on a global scale. In this episode of RiskBites Dr Annalene Weston and Ms Kristen Trafford –Wiezel, Case Manager at Dental Protection consider how moral distress and moral injury can feature in and feed into burnout.

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RiskBites: Difficult conversations in difficult situations

Dealing with a difficult situation doesn’t always mean a conversation directly between you and a patient, it could be with their partner, parents or carers. In this episode of RiskBites Dr Annalene Weston and Ms Kristen Trafford Wiezel, Case Manager at Dental Protection explore what steps you can take to prepare yourself when dealing with a difficult conversation.

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RiskBites: Burnout - using your third space wisely

In this episode of RiskBites, Dr Kiran Keshwara and Dr Annalene Weston explore burnout, and provide guidance about how you can develop ‘third space’ strategies to build resilience and manage burnout.

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Getting to sleep during COVID -19

Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, Medicolegal Lead of Risk Prevention at Dental Protection, talks to Dr David O’Regan, Consultant Psychiatrist and Sleep Specialist at the Sleep Disorders Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. Exploring the potential impact of the COVID-19 crisis on sleep and wellbeing, this podcast offers practical tips and techniques to help improve sleep during a time of worry and uncertainty.

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Imposter Sydrome

Dr Annalene Weston, and Dr Colm Harney, Dentolegal Consultants at Dental Protection, cover the topic of ‘Imposter Syndrome – am I good enough?’. Our team of experts delve into the relevance of this topic to dental professionals and the impact that social media has on self-esteem.

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Recorded lecture:
Under Pressure

A lecture on the internal and external pressures of being a dental practitioner and how to recognise and manage them. Dr Annalene Weston and Dr Samantha King explore the causes and consequences of this strain, both from the pressure cooker of the surgery and our own internal stresses.

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