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What is indemnity?

23 April 2021

All dental practitioners in Malaysia will soon be required to have professional indemnity.

Indemnity is defined as “[financial] protection against possible damage or loss/protection against having legal responsibility for something” .[1]

Clinical negligence indemnity gives dentists protection against patient claims. 

If a clinical negligence claim is made against you, you can request protection from your indemnity provider to cover any legal and compensation costs that arise. 

At Dental Protection, our indemnity is discretionary. This gives us the flexibility to provide assistance when issues arise that may not have existed when your protection began. 

Why do clinical negligence claims happen? 

Patients have the right to make a complaint about any aspect of the care they receive, for example in the following situations (this list is not exhaustive):

  • • Their diagnosis was incorrect or missed altogether
  • • Their diagnosis or treatment was delayed due to clinical failures
  • • They suffered complications post-treatment
  • • They did not give adequate consent for the treatment they received 

Sometimes the patient may be eligible for financial compensation and make a claim. Claims can be substantial, but you can request indemnity from your provider to cover these costs. 

What should I do if a receive notification of a claim?

We encourage our members to contact us as soon as an incident occurs, so that we can offer advice on what to do next. Early intervention is key and can sometimes prevent an incident escalating into a full legal case. 

What is the difference between indemnity and insurance?

Indemnity has the flexibility to consider each case on its own merits and is not bound by policy limits or exclusions, whereas insurance has defined policy exclusions and limits. 

Dental Protection works in partnership with the MDA and our indemnity cover meets the Malaysian government requirements for APC renewal. 

Learn more about the difference between indemnity and insurance.

Why choose Dental Protection as your indemnity provider?

If faced with a claim, you need the reassurance that someone is working to protect your reputation and finances. You also need someone you can rely on to provide expert advice and guidance when you need it most, and this is where Dental Protection excels. 

As a member, you get access to the team of any dental defence organisation. With our experts by your side, you can request indemnity for complaints arising from a range of different situations. 

What makes our premium protection such excellent value for money is the wide range of benefits you receive. Dental Protection membership includes:

  • • The ability to request advice and legal representation
  • • Support from our expert dentolegal teams
  • • Access to a range of CPD and professional development resources, including workshops and online courses
  • • Our local knowledge and expertise from decades of working with dentists in Malaysia

Click here to view the full list of benefits and find out how to become a member. 

Our team

Dental Protection is a global company operating in many countries, but we have a dedicated team looking after our members in Malaysia. We have a claims team internally but also work closely with our panel law firms on the ground to provide assistance to members.

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