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When you choose Dental Protection membership, you are choosing a defence organisation that puts you first. As a member-owned, not-for-profit organisation, we exist purely to support your professional interests and protect your finances, career and reputation from legal claims and complaints.

We’ve protected members in Ireland for more than 100 years and have extensive experience of dealing with clinical negligence claims. Our knowledge of the healthcare landscape and common dentolegal issues in Ireland means that you can rest assured you have the experts to support you throughout your career.

Priced for your protection, never for our profit

Our members are at the heart of everything we do. We don’t have shareholders to pay, so every decision we make is to benefit our membership.

As part of our commitment to you, we are continuing to invest for the long term by opening a new office in Dublin and increasing our number of dedicated dentolegal experts on hand to help you when you need it. This means we can continue to build on and enhance the expert advice you expect. With our occurrence-based support, we provide a comprehensive range of membership benefits that support and protect you today, tomorrow and even into retirement, without the need for any additional subscriptions or costs.

You can request expert advice from our team of experienced, local advisers who understand the challenges you face.

Above all else, Dental Protection membership leaves you free to practise with confidence knowing that you have chosen an indemnity provider that delivers the very best support, expert advice and robust defence.


Protection with local understanding

We have supported healthcare professionals in Ireland for many years and will continue to do so long into the future.

As part of this commitment, we are investing heavily in building our foundations in Ireland. With the introduction of a new office in Dublin we are also recruiting new team members to continually grow our team on the ground as we expand our local knowledge in Ireland.

We’re committed to getting as close to members as possible, providing a tailored service that supports you in dealing with issues of local relevance and urgency. With dentolegal services now available in Ireland, our long-term commitment to members in Ireland is clearer than ever before.

Our claims advisers regularly connect with members across the country, liaise with experts to provide dentolegal reports and work closely with legal teams, including leading clinical negligence barristers, and plaintiff and defence firms.

Our team frequently present at and attend seminars and conferences across the country to keep constantly abreast of developments in the Irish healthcare system. These will be hosted virtually for the foreseeable future.

Meet the team


Discretionary protection that reaches further

Our discretionary approach to providing assistance is not about being able to say no. It’s about having the flexibility to ask, ‘How can we help?’

Discretion allows us to treat each case on its individual merit, providing flexibility for a wider range of situations, especially those with unforeseen or unusual circumstances.

Unlike some other organisations, discretion allows us to assess claims and complaints when new issues and risks arise in healthcare and consider where we can support you. Our response for members in the COVID-19 crisis is a clear demonstration of that flexibility.

Our experienced dentolegal consultants and specialist solicitors can use their judgement and expertise to help you, without being restricted by small print, caps or exclusion clauses.


Support that looks at all the angles

At Dental Protection, our focus is on putting you first and providing protection that goes further. Our protection is not limited to patient claims, and our team are here to offer advice for any eventuality your career may face. We will also assist with any personal conduct Dental Council inquiry on your behalf.

Advice and legal representation

The right to request advice and legal representation for coroners’ inquests, disciplinary and regulatory proceedings and criminal investigations related to your professional practice

Clinical negligence

The right to request indemnity for clinical negligence claims (not covered by the Clinical Indemnity Scheme) and Good Samaritan acts worldwide

Complaints support

Help responding to and resolving patient complaints with a team of dentolegal experts on call to assist you, including with writing letters and reports

Dentolegal advice

Dentolegal advice line including out of hours emergency support 24/7

Expert legal team

Access to a dedicated expert legal team, which may include clinical negligence solicitors, dentolegal consultants and professional claims managers

Professional development workshops and online courses

Workshops, online courses and webinars with accredited CPD to develop your communication and risk management skills

Risk prevention resources

With a huge range of CPD included in your membership, you can access a whole host of guidance and training online to reduce and minimise any potential risks or issues, along with a selection of publications and case reports

Confidential counselling service

Access to our confidential counselling service to support you through stressful situations relating to your work or personal life that you feel could impact your practice

Help with unwanted media attention

Expert support including preparing statements and responding to the media on your behalf


Our support speaks volumes

Access to the advice line is unlimited, and the number of times you call has no impact on your subscription.

Our dentolegal advice service is there to help with queries and dentolegal emergencies 24/7, 365 days a year. With local knowledge that understands you, whatever your question, problem or dilemma, our team of experts are only ever a phone call away.


Being a mutual means your needs are at the heart of everything we do

We don’t answer to shareholders. We are different to shareholder-owned companies whose primary purpose is to make money for investors.

There is no-one to pay dividends to or to tell us to abandon our purpose because the profit isn’t there.

We take mutuality very seriously because it’s our commitment to you, not just today, but for your entire career and beyond.

Handling complaints with confidence

A complaint can happen to any dental professional at any time.

When facing a complaint, you want the reassurance of knowing an organisation with over a century of experience is alongside you, supporting you.

No two complaints are the same, so we treat each one individually. Our approach ensures we achieve the best resolution for our members.


Indemnity you can trust

As a member of Dental Protection, we’re here for you throughout your whole career. If things go wrong, our experience means we can help make sure your career and your reputation are protected.

If you receive a complaint or claim arising from your clinical practice, you have the right to request indemnity. We can support you through every step of the clinical negligence claims process to make the whole experience a lot less daunting.