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With FREE student membership from Dental Protection, you’re getting your dental career off to the best start possible.

Professional indemnity is essential and can help with dentolegal issues that may arise during your dental school years and beyond.

So, start as you mean to go on – stronger – with FREE Dental Protection membership.

What is professional protection and why do I need it?

Dental Protection provides professional protection, also known as indemnity, to assist you with any dentolegal issues that may arise during your studies and throughout your career. This includes handling patient complaints, claims, and referrals to the Dental Council Ireland. It also includes access to a dedicated expert legal team which may include clinical negligence solicitors, dentolegal consultants and professional claims managers.

Your university will likely have advised you to join a dental defence organisation, so that’s where Dental Protection comes in.

Benefits of student membership

Joining Dental Protection is completely free while you’re studying and being a student member means you have access to a whole range of benefits to support you and your studies.

Guidance on patient safety and consent.
A dentolegal advice line, including out of hours emergency support 24/7.
Access to our confidential counselling service to support you through your studies.
The right to request protection for Good Samaritan acts.
Support for your elective, including resources to help you choose your destination, information on funding an elective, and important documents you’ll need.
Advice on ethical issues.

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The best part? All of this is completely free throughout your time as a dental student.

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