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Special podcast to help you face the fear of complaints

Feeling overwhelmed? Worrying about making a mistake and a patient claim being made against you? It’s enough to give you restless nights.

To help you face the fear, we’ve partnered with You Are Not A Frog podcast to bring you a special series called Complaints and How to Survive Them.

The podcast shares life hacks for doctors and busy professionals who want to beat burnout and work happier. 

Hosted by Dr Rachel Morris, a GP, Speaker, Executive Coach, and specialist in resilience in the workplace, it features interviews with colleagues and experts.

It’s a highly recommended tool to have in your wellbeing toolbox.


A workbook is now available to support the podcast series Complaints and how to survive them. Download it here

Podcasts to help you fret less

Our collaboration with You Are Not A Frog podcast is essential listening for Dental Protection members, helping you face the fear of complaints.

Complaints and How to Survive Them is a specially designed series, filled with experts sharing hints and tips, opening the doors to worrying less and working happier.