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New to Australia

A brief guide to practising dentistry in Australia

Where can I work?

Australia is divided into eight States and Territories, and a UK graduate can work in any or all of these. The majority of Australian healthcare is provided on a private basis, however public hospitals and community dental clinics provide 'free treatment' under Medicare to eligible patients.

What do I need?

In order to practise in Australia, you will require the following, which can be obtained by clicking on the webpages listed below:

The correct visa

Find out how to obtain an Australian work visa here

Registration with AHPRA

You will need to register with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA), the national registration body in Australia, in order to practise dentistry.

Find out more about AHPRA registration here

Provider number

This is a unique identifier required for each site you work at. A provider number enables you to refer patients for tests which are billed under Medicare; this includes extra oral radiography (many centres do not have an OPG machine).

Find out more about provider numbers here

Radiography license

A license is required to take intra oral radiography, and this license is acquired in the individual State or Territory in which you chose to work.

If you wish to take extra oral radiographs, an additional qualification needs to be obtained whilst in Australia. This takes the form of a course and exam and is available through the dental schools in each State.

Find out more about radiography licenses here

Prescriber number

This is a unique identifier for each practitioner and is required in order to write prescriptions.

Find out more about prescriber numbers here

Indemnity insurance

It is a compulsory requirement that all practitioners hold valid indemnity insurance to practise in Australia. Contact Ken Parker on to discuss transferring your membership to Australia.

The Australian Dental Association

While not an obligation, many practitioners find that the Australian Dental Association can provide helpful information. Each State and Territory has their own ADA, and in addition, there is a Federal ADA. Membership with your State ADA also qualifies you for membership with the Federal ADA.

What obligations am I bound by?

The Dental Board of Australia is one of ten National Boards which are regulated by AHPRA, and registration carries with it a series of obligations in the form of standardscodes and guidelines