Firstly, well done. You’ve chosen to join one of the world’s oldest and most important professions. Dentistry may not be the easiest career, but it is surely one of the most rewarding.

We want to ensure that you begin your professional life as you mean to go on, practising with confidence knowing that we are behind you every step of the way.

It’s important to have indemnity appropriate to your area of practice. To make sure you have the proper protection in place,  we need you to update your contact details and provide your direct debit details.

Update your contact details and provide our direct debit details. Then renew today for just €520. You can either pay in full or pay monthly at no extra cost.

The best deserve the best

Here’s a reminder of the benefits you get by being a member:



Help with complaints – if something goes wrong or a problem arises from your practice, don’t worry we can help.


Peace of mind as you progress – with the right to request support with clinical negligence claims when you practise outside of the HSE.


24/7 support line. If you have an emergency or need some advice you can call our dentolegal advice line on 0800 561 9090 day or night, we’re here.


Continue growing your expertise with our risk management courses. Choose from online learning or in-person workshops delivered by experienced dental professionals.


Access to a huge number of dentolegal articles and case studies on our online archive.


We’ve made it our life’s work to protect the protectors of tomorrow. You are the future of dentistry. Stay prepared, stay protected.

Don’t forget to check your contact details are right and make sure we have your direct debit information.

Discounts for IDA members

Dental Protection offers IDA members an 11.5% discount on subscription fees.

This partnership reflects the collaboration between the IDA and Dental Protection in terms of the dental complaints service, joint representation of members on probity and disciplinary matters, and in public advocacy campaigns.

To get your discount contact our membership team on 1800 932 916 and quote your IDA membership number.