Choose Dental Protection membership, choose a defence organisation that puts you first

As a member-owned, not-for-profit organisation, we exist purely to support your professional interests and protect your finances, career and reputation from legal claims and complaints.

We’ve protected members in Ireland for more than 100 years and have extensive experience of dealing with clinical negligence claims, the healthcare landscape and common dentolegal issues in Ireland.

Discretionary support that thinks on its feet

Our discretionary approach to providing assistance is not about being able to say no. It’s about having the flexibility to ask, ‘How can we help?’

Discretion allows us to treat each case on its individual merit, providing flexibility for a wider range of situations, especially those with unforeseen or unusual circumstances.

Unlike some other organisations, discretion allows us to assess claims and complaints when new issues and risks arise in healthcare and consider where we can support you.

Our experienced dentolegal consultants and specialist solicitors can use their judgement and expertise to help you, without being restricted by small print, financial caps, or exclusion clauses.

Benefits of membership

At Dental Protection, our focus is on putting you first and providing protection that goes further. Our protection is not limited to patient claims, and our team are here to offer advice for any eventuality your career may face.

Advice and legal representation

The right to request advice and legal representation for disciplinary and regulatory proceedings and criminal investigations related to your professional practice.

Clinical negligence

The right to request indemnity for clinical negligence claims and Good Samaritan acts worldwide

Complaints support

Help responding to and resolving patient complaints with a team of dentolegal experts on call to assist you, including with writing letters and reports

Dentolegal advice

Dentolegal advice line including out of hours emergency support 24/7 (at no extra cost)

Expert legal team

Access to a dedicated expert legal team which may include clinical negligence solicitors, dentolegal consultants and professional claims managers

Professional development workshops and online courses

Workshops, online courses, and webinars with accredited CPD to develop your communication and risk management skills

Risk prevention resources

With a huge range of CPD included in your membership, you can access a whole host of guidance and training online to reduce/minimise any potential risks or issues, along with a selection of publications and case reports

Confidential counselling service

Access to our confidential counselling service to support you through stressful situations relating to your work or personal life that you feel could impact your practice

Dental Complaints Resolution Service

Free access to the Dental Complaints Resolution Service

Help with unwanted media attention

Expert support including preparing statements and responding to the media on your behalf


To encourage participation in risk management CPD, we reward dentists with reduced subscriptions as part of our package of risk management initiatives. Find out more >>

Protection for HSE dental staff

As a dentist working for the HSE in Ireland, you will be aware that it can be a litigious environment to practise in.

The Clinical Indemnity Scheme cannot always protect you. This is where Dental Protection can help.

The team at Dental Protection have identified a range of challenges that can arise for dental practitioners. Through a vast array of educational resources, members can learn how to recognise potential areas of risk in their practice and help prevent issues from arising.

Why does the Clinical Indemnity Scheme (CIS) exist?
The CIS was established to ensure that patients harmed as a result of substandard care in public hospitals/clinics are compensated. Its priority is not to protect you or your professional interests.

For those working in a general practice setting, or as a private practitioner, the CIS won’t cover you for the financial consequences of a claim for clinical negligence.

Complaints to the Dental Council, general patient complaints and disciplinary hearings are all daunting prospects for any clinician, but unfortunately these situations have become increasingly common. The CIS does not offer support or protection with any of these.

Making the most of your membership

Your guide to member benefits outlines the vast range of resources you can use to help manage your risk, receive expert help when you need it, and practise with confidence throughout your career.


Understanding your membership

Please take time to read the guide to your responsibilities as a member and examples of those circumstances in which we are unlikely to be able to help with a request for assistance.


How to renew your membership

You’ll receive your renewal pack one month before the end of your current membership year. You’ll then be asked to log into your MyMPS account and:

  1. Check your information
  2. Update any details that have changed
  3. Renew your subscription
    • You can pay by credit or debit card or set up a Direct Debit online at MyMPS or by contacting us by phone
    • If you already pay by Direct Debit, your payment will be taken automatically.

It is important to check your details as any missing or inaccurate information could affect your right to request assistance and in some circumstances can result in your membership being cancelled.

Discounts for IDA members

Dental Protection offers IDA members an 11.5% discount on subscription fees.

This partnership reflects the collaboration between the IDA and Dental Protection in terms of the dental complaints service, joint representation of members on probity and disciplinary matters, and in public advocacy campaigns.

To get your discount contact our membership team on 1800 932 916 and quote your IDA membership number.

Your Account Manager

Leanne Keane

Ireland Business Relationship Manager

Leanne is Business Relationship Manager for Dental Protection in Ireland, having joined us in 2016 as Business Development Manager.

Leanne has a wealth of experience in the Irish dental market and is focused on supporting and maintaining business relationships with members across the country.

As the first point of contact at conferences and events, Leanne is also key to communicating our expertise and the benefits of membership to students at Dublin and Cork Dental schools.

You can contact her at [email protected]