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Protecting you in your early years

Renew your Dental Protection membership and practise with confidence

Renew your membership now for just €20 for 12 months

There are three ways to renew:

  • Complete the Direct Debit form we recently sent you and return it in the post for free.
  • Can’t find your letter? Download a new form and send it to:

     Joel Abbott
     Dental Protection
     Victoria House
     2 Victoria Place 
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Why renew your membership?

As you begin to face more situations where dentolegal issues could arise, your membership with us becomes even more important.

Your benefits can help you stay seamlessly protected as you start a more practical role.

  • If something goes wrong, don’t worry. Your membership means you have the right to request assistance for complaints and claims that arise from your clinical practice.
  • Everyone needs someone to talk to every now and again, so you can always call one of our team for expert dentolegal advice. There’s even out-of-hours help in an emergency. If you’re facing an issue, call 01280 8668.
  • Your membership goes beyond just clinical negligence claims. Don’t forget that you can also ask for help for disciplinary procedures, regulatory issues, Gardaí investigations and inquests.
  • Add to your growing expertise with our risk management courses. Tackling common causes of complaints, you can choose from accessible online learning or in-person workshops presented by experienced dentists.
  • Whatever issue you’re facing, there are a huge number of dentolegal articles and case studies available to you in our online archive. Plus you’ll get copies of our journal Riskwise delivered to your door.

We’re a member-owned protection organisation for dentists around the world. Our sole purpose is protecting the careers and reputations of members like you. 

For over 125 years we’ve been protecting healthcare professionals, providing peace of mind that gives you the freedom to practise with confidence. Throughout your entire career we can be here to give you the help you need when you need it most. We’re here at every step, helping you to stay protected today, tomorrow, and into the future.