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If you are a final year student or in your first year post-qualification, you can join or upgrade to graduate membership for €520.

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75% of UK and Ireland young dentists choose Dental Protection as their protection organisation.
Occurrence based indemnity
You have the right to request assistance for any complaint or claim arising from an adverse incident that took place during your dental membership.
We have over 68,000 dental members worldwide.
Risk management
We provide a range of risk management materials and workshops that are focused on advice and practical tools to help you throughout your career.
Online learning
Our e-learning platform, Prism, allows you to complete free online learning modules around the clock.
Advice and support
Emergency advice available 24/7 from more than 70 dentolegal advisers.

Here to help

We understand this is a hectic time for you so we want to support you as much as possible now, and as you start work.

Please get in touch with your school rep if you have any questions regarding membership, or if you need advice or assistance as you prepare for work.

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