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What to do if you receive a solicitor's letter

What to do if you receive correspondence from a solicitor, either requesting copies of a patient’s clinical records in anticipation of legal proceedings or informing you that they are considering making a claim for compensation

We strive to provide the best possible advice to members in a timely fashion when a claim is contemplated against them. To enable us to do this, please notify us at the earliest possible opportunity of the receipt of such correspondence, either by telephone or in writing. The information we need from you at this stage is:

  • Your full name, address, qualifications, and current daytime and evening contact details.
  • Your email address (or fax details) if relevant, and your preferred postal address to receive communications about the claim if it differs to your membership address. Please also indicate any preference you have regarding how, when and where we should communicate with you bearing in mind any confidentiality considerations.
  • Your membership number (you will find this on your membership certificate).
  • The name, age, gender and occupation (if known) of the patient.
  • The name of the firm of solicitors.

As soon as you have advised us of the potential claim, we will send you our Claims Guide. This guide is designed to help you, step-by-step, to understand the process of a claim, including any legal obligations and timescales which must be followed.

Also included with the guide is your Claim Notification Form. Once you have received this, please follow the instructions on the form and return all the information to us as directed. So that we may provide you with the best possible assistance it is very important that we receive your complete and prompt co-operation at all times

We ask that you:
  • Collate existing information, correspondence and (if required) relevant records. If the records supplied are not those which were made at the time in question, or if any entries have been added or amended more recently, it is vitally important to make this clear when you send them to Dental Protection. Members will normally be held responsible for any costs incurred unnecessarily as a result of Dental Protection or its legal advisers being misled over the authenticity or integrity of the records supplied to us. Deliberate falsification of records can result in the withdrawal of assistance.
  • Complete the form.
  • Sign and date the form.
  • Send all the information and documents requested together with the signed, completed form to us as soon as possible.