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Free membership for dental officers

We provide expert, independent legal advice for over 30,000 dental professionals worldwide, and have been supporting and protecting members in Singapore for more than 50 years.

Dental Protection membership is now completely free if you’re a dental officer working for the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) in your service obligation period.

Join thousands of your colleagues and trust us to look after you and your career.

Dental Protection is ready to support you when you need it most

  • Dentolegal advice
    Expert, professional advice when you need it, including out of hours emergency support.

  • Professional development workshops and online courses
    CDE available through workshops and online seminars to develop your communication and risk management skills.

  • Risk management resources
    Access to online publications and case reports.

  • Confidential counselling service
    Access to our confidential counselling service to support you with work-related stress.

To apply for membership, just complete our online application form.