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Dental Protection reassures orthodontists

06 September 2022

Dental Protection, the leading defence organisation for dental professionals in Ireland, has reassured orthodontists that they can request assistance with dentolegal issues and queries that may arise from treating former patients of orthodontist Dr Anne Hahessy.

In a statement, Dental Protection said:

“We sympathise with these patients and understand the concern and uncertainty many are experiencing around progressing their, or their child’s, future orthodontic treatment.

“We also understand the concerns of the orthodontists who are being asked to take these patients on mid-treatment, particularly if there may be difficulty accessing the patients’ clinical records.

“We can however reassure Dental Protection members that if they decide to take on any of these patients, they can request assistance from us in the usual way should any matters arise in relation to the ongoing care.

“Dental Protection members who have concerns regarding taking patients on mid-treatment, and would like advice and support on managing potential risks, can contact the Dental Protection advice line to discuss this further.”

For further information please see ouf guidance on Transfer of Orthodontic care mid-treatment.