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Find the indemnity limit for your country

As a member, the indemnity limit we offer you varies depending on where you live. The table below shows the maximum amount of indemnity Dental Protection will provide for an individual claim in your region. Please note that these limits are subject to the discretion of Dental Protection's elected Council.

Region Indemnity Limit
Anguilla US$3 million
Antigua and Barbuda US$3 million
Bahamas US$10 million
Barbados B$12 million
Belize US$3 million
Bermuda BEDS$10 million
British Virgin Islands US$10 million
Cayman Islands CI$10 million
Dominica US$3 million
Grenada EC$3 million
Guyana US$3 million
Jamaica J$270 million
Montserrat US$3 million
St Kitts and Nevis US$3 million
St Lucia EC$3 million
St Vincent and the Grenadines US$3 million
Trinidad and Tobago TT$36 million
Turks and Caicos Islands US$6 million


For more information on indemnity limits, please contact Membership Services (Caribbean and Bermuda)