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Big changes for the Dental Protection team in Australia

29 March 2017

In recognition of the growth of the organisation worldwide, Dental Protection recently announced a new international structure led by Allison Newell, Executive Director International. The new team will work to ensure the best products and services are developed for members worldwide. To support the new structure Dental Protection is delighted to announce that Rebecca Imrie has been appointed as Regional General Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

Rebecca will be based in the region supported by teams in Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland and Wellington. She will oversee the strategic development, alignment and delivery of the business for our dental members. Rebecca has worked for the MPS Group, of which Dental Protection is part, for 6 years, and prior to that was with the Trans-Tasman law firm DLA Phillips Fox (now DLA Piper) for 13 years in senior financial and operational roles. Rebecca’s appointment will support future growth and the continued development of member benefits for Dental Protection members in Australia and New Zealand.

Rebecca will be supported by James Foster, Head of Dental Services Australia, and New Zealand who will provide professional leadership to the teams in Brisbane and Melbourne

Farewell Ken

Ken_Parker_2012It is with sadness and a great deal of thanks that Dental Protection says farewell to Ken Parker, who is stepping down from the role as operations manager at Dental Protection at the end of March. Many members will know Ken from his excellent work over the last 16 years, both in the office and out on the road at our seminars and events.

He was at the heart of Dental Protection’s expansion in Australia and making it the organisation it is today. In his time with us, Ken has been devoted to the membership, always willing to help with a smile and a warm greeting. Dental Protection wish him all the very best in his retirement and acknowledge his unerring contribution to our success.

Ken said: “I take great pride in the results achieved and seeing the commitment and dedication shown by the Australian team whenever they provide education, support and assistance. With the formation of an International Division for MPS/DPL and the very recent announcement of the formation of the Australia/New Zealand hub, it is a perfect opportunity for me to hand on the baton.”

  • By Margaret Herzig on 04 April 2017 03:37 All the best Ken. It's because of you that I stayed with DPL once I graduated. 
  • By Ruth Drakes on 04 April 2017 12:53

    Thanks for every thing Ken. Enjoy your retirement, you've earnt it!

    Ruth Drakes

    Coffs Harbour

  • By Stephen Neeson on 03 April 2017 01:10 Thanks for all your help over the years , especially when I first came to Australia.  Happy retirement!
  • By Warren on 03 April 2017 03:25

    Thank you Ken for your invaluable assistance over the years.It has been a pleasure and a privilege knowing you.

    All the very best for your well deserved retirement.You will be greatly missed

  • By Alison Hughes on 03 April 2017 12:51

    I hope you get to see these comments Ken, they are a testament to who you are. We are so so sorry to see you finishing, but at the same time - CONGRATULATIONS! You have been so amazing to liaise with overall these years. Fun, witty, always of good cheer and as many have already said a simply terrific person. We wish you everything wonderful in your retirement. You deserve great things and I hope you get to swing the golf club as many times as you wish to do so.

    Enjoy time with the family, take care of yourself - we will all miss your friendly self!

    Al & Mel

  • By Denise Higgins on 02 April 2017 02:57

    Hi Ken,

    I would like to thank you personally and on behalf of ADOHTA (NSW) for your support and expertise. All the best for your retirement.

    Best wishes from

    Denise Higgins

    ADOHTA (NSW) Inc.

  • By Mary Frei on 02 April 2017 06:38

    Best wishes Ken. Enjoy the next chapter of your life. Your enthusiasm, knowledge and friendliness has been a great asset to DPL. Thanks again for all of your help.

    Warm wishes


  • By Jenny Bishop on 02 April 2017 04:00

    Thanks Ken for your hard work, kindness and for for just being a great bloke!

    Jenny Bishop xx

  • By Rodney Ross on 02 April 2017 02:51 Thanks Ken for all the help you gave me. Happy retirement!
  • By Fiona on 02 April 2017 12:15

    Thankyou for all your help Ken! best wishes for a fantastic retirement 👏�� everytime I saw you at a seminar, you were so enthusiastic and that helped motivate me! Thankyou so much!

  • By Gina Xanthis on 01 April 2017 12:57

    All the best Ken ,thank you for your support , advice and for being a wonderful and kind person . Thank you enjoy your retirement.

    Regards G Xanthis 

  • By Belinda Orrock on 01 April 2017 11:19

    Hi Ken

    I'm sad to see you go, you have always been very friendly and helpful, and such a fountain of knowledge. Thank you so much for being there whenever I needed to discuss my membership, and just for being the lovely person you are. Enjoy your retirement, I hope you and your family have lots of nice things planned. You will be greatly missed. 

  • By Catherine Findlay on 01 April 2017 10:55

    Dear Ken,

    Thank you for your commitment over the years.  It will be hard to not think of you when we think of DPL!  All the very best for your retirement- well deserved!!

    Warmest Regards,

    Cathy and Geoff Findlay

  • By Beverly San Pablo on 01 April 2017 08:55

    Warm wishes Ken. Thank you very much for all the support you have given us for all these years. Be happy as always.

  • By Leonie Short on 01 April 2017 06:54

    Dear Ken,

    I loved working with you whilst I was teaching at Griffith University as well as at CQUniversity. All the very best for the future.

    Kind regards, Leonie

  • By Denise Salvestro on 01 April 2017 04:50

    Dear Ken,

    Neil and I join the many who are sorry to see you go BUT appreciate you have certainly earned retirement! As many have expressed - it was such a pleasure dealing with you - you were always so cheery and friendly and always offered such sound advice.

    You will be greatly missed.

     Enjoy your retirement with your family and friends and hope that our paths will cross somewhere in the future.

    With Many Thanks and Best Wishes

    Denise Salvestro & Neil Lanceley

  • By Grace Alexander on 01 April 2017 03:46 All the very best Ken! Will miss seeing your face and the smile and cheery greetings at the different courses! DPL has lost their best asset. I hope you are able to enjoy a long and fulfilling retirement xxx
  • By patricia Garcia on 31 March 2017 11:29

    Ken: It is sad that you are leaving, but I think you deserve it.

    You have been always an amazing person to talk to,

    very friendly, attentive and efficient.

    Good luck, Patricia Garcia

  • By Janelle on 31 March 2017 10:54

    All the best Ken 

    Thank You for your patience and help with me every year trying to pay my membership .

    LOL Janelle 

  • By Michelle (TAS) on 31 March 2017 10:03

    Thank you for all your prompt and efficient work over the years Ken, you made staying with DPL an easy choice! I hope you get to put your feet up now and enjoy a well deserved retirement. 👍��

  • By Trushar Patel on 31 March 2017 08:11

    Hi Ken

    You made my transition from the UK so much easier with great enthusiasm and support

    It has been a pleasure recommending my colleagues to you and DPL

    Wishing you all the best for future dreams


    Trushar Patel (Newcastle NSW)

  • By Rod Marshall on 31 March 2017 01:28

    All the best for the greener pastures Ken. A job well done, subtle, gentle, firm, friendly, reliable, reassuring what more could one ask for? 

  • By Katy McKenna on 31 March 2017 12:54

    Dear Ken,

    I am both happy but very sad to hear this. 

    Every time I spoke to you on the phone, you were so friendly, informative and had a sense of wisdom and reassurance about you. You never saw problems. Only solutions and it's amazing how you made stressful situations dissipate so easily.

    I really feel that a great presence will feel misses once you leave DPL.

    It was also wonderful to meet you in person at the Crash Bang and Wallop Seminar.

    You have worked very hard for DPL for the last 16 years so you do deserve a good rest. Even though I wish you could keep going!

    I truly wish you all the best in your retirement and you'll always be remembered.

    With best wishes, Katy

  • By Dr Himakshu Vyas on 31 March 2017 12:53

    All the best to you Ken in the next stage of your life 

    Himakshu Vyas, Townsville

  • By Dr Himakshu Vyas on 31 March 2017 12:51

    Dear Ken 

    thank you for welcoming me to DPLA when I first migrated from the UK 

    You were really helpful and I wish you the very best in the next stage of your life 

    with best wishes 

    himakshu vyas , Townsville 

  • By Peter Clark Ryan on 31 March 2017 12:47

    Dear Ken,

    Sorry to hear you are retiring; I still think of you as the new guy on the block . Can it really be 16 years? 

    Thank you for your warm friendship and generosity  in all our dealings over this time. Enjoy a well deserved retirement .

    Kind Regards,

    Peter Clark Ryan 

  • By Leanne Batley on 31 March 2017 09:40

    Dear Ken 

    well what can I say! You have been an icon for all the beautiful women & men who have gone down the path of Dental Therapy, OHT & Hygiene what would we have done without you.... your advice was always there & given with aplomb!

    I will miss you & your smiling face at so many events ...over my 20 years in corporate!

    You & Vicki were a great team!

    best wishes & Happy Retirement 


    Leanne Batley 

    in semi retirement 😉

  • By Simone Alexander on 31 March 2017 09:25

    Bye Ken. I was saddened to read that you were leaving us, but happy that you can now have more time with your family and friends. 

    You were always so happy and friendly and always helped me when I needed it. 

    Even though we weren't in regular contact, I'll miss just knowing you're not there. 

    Take care Ken.

  • By Navdeep on 31 March 2017 07:46

    Happy retirement Ken.

    wishing you good health and heaps of fun outside work.


  • By Leianna Ornik on 31 March 2017 07:42

    Ken I would like to wish you all the very best for the future and your retirement.

    Throughout my Hygiene career both yourself and Vicki have been so supportive, and I always felt like I had somewhere to turn should I need advice. 

    Without your help Aayan would not have received the medical help she so desperately needed.

    Ken, You are a very kind and generous person who I wil sincerely miss catching up with at seminars. 

    Take care and warmest wishes to you.


  • By Joan James on 31 March 2017 05:47

    Warmest wishes, Ken! You've been such a strong support for all the hygienist, OHT and dental therapist members and our representative organizations. You (and Vicki) were always integral and active attendees at our conferences--available for advice and conviviality! May you have a long & happy retirement--you deserve it. 

  • By Luke Knolder on 31 March 2017 05:32

    Congratulations and all the very best Ken!!

    Thank you greatly for your genuine help and support. You have set an exemplary standard in your role! 

    Take care :)

  • By Colette Berlin on 31 March 2017 04:26 You'll be missed Ken! Best wishes for the future.....see you around 😀
  • By Margie Steffens on 31 March 2017 04:23

    Dear Ken

    your sense of humour, your good heart and willingness to give the best service and advice have been valued by so many of us over the years. GInny also sends her very best wishes to you. Enjoy a well earned retirement.

    warmest regards

    Margie Steffens

  • By Glenda Cowley on 31 March 2017 02:22

    Ken, thats devastating that your leaving DPL! 

    You are the man that came to my rescue when I moved from NSW to VIC years ago and the Victorian ADA was very unhelpful and I needed prof Ind kept me calm and talked me through everything and sorted out my insurance with alacrity! I will never forget that! and will always and continue to be ever grateful.

    As I also operate the locum agency 'Fill the Gap' I have always recommended highly that the clinicians who work for me take out their Professional Indemnity Insurance with Dental Protection for many reasons.

    The fact that the company is headed up by a dental clinician Kevin Lewis and is operated and staffed by dental professionals (as opposed to background non dental business) who fully understand the industry and the complexities makes it an obvious choice.

    But having experienced how swiftly you are there for us as dental clinicians has been a huge comfort and Ken you have always been the one at the end of the phone with a calm helpful and human demeanour 

    I have always known that DPL will have my back regardless and that has been a great comfort to me as a practicing clinician.

    Always seeing you at the DPL /CPD programmes was a delight and I will miss that.

    I can't wish you enough of everything that is wonderful Ken, .. ever appreciative.

  • By Ana Amin Bevan on 31 March 2017 01:53

    Thanks, Ken. 

    It was always a pleasure dealing with you. You're one of the reasons I continued with DPL after becoming qualified. Excellent customer service 👌

    All the best with your retirement 😊

  • By Mandy Ivastchenko on 31 March 2017 12:40

    Congratulations Ken on a fabulous 16 years at DPL!  Future conferences just won't be the same without you 😉   

    Your dedication and support to Hygienists, and the industry in general will be very missed! 

    Enjoy your retirement, and ill see you in 6/12! 

  • By Jude Allsopp on 31 March 2017 12:08 You will be missed Ken. An absolute pleasure to have known you, enjoy your family. 
  • By kyla burman on 30 March 2017 11:22

    Congratulations on a great career, Ken! I've enjoyed our chats over the years and really appreciate the information and advice you've given me. Plus, you're just an all-round top bloke! Wishing you and your family all the very best.

    Kindest regards,

    Kyla Burman 

  • By Trish Hissey on 30 March 2017 11:17

    All the best Ken. We will sincerely miss you at seminars and DPL events.

    Stay well. 

    Regards Trish Hissey (Parkside Dental Clinic, SA).

  • By Therese Robbins on 30 March 2017 11:11 Thanks Ken, all the best for your future endeavours
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