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Common dentolegal queries

  • Q
    As a dental hygienist with an interest in hypnosis, colleagues sometimes refer anxious patients to me.
    17 May 2016
    Am I able to request assistance from Dental Protection in the event that a claim revolving around hypnosis is made against me?
    Does the referring dentist need to understand hypnosis and should they include the request for hypnosis in the patient's treatment plan?
    The practice of hypnosis for the provision of dental treatment attracts all the benefits of Dental Protection membership that would normally apply to your DCP membership category. Whilst hypnosis is not included in the current scope of practice for dental hygienists published by the General Dental Council (GDC), it is accepted that whilst hypnosis is not itself considered to be the practise of dentistry, it may be provided to facilitate other treatments that are recognised as the practise of dentistry.

    With regard to including details of the referral in the treatment plan, Dental Protection would recommend that the referring dentist should specify in the treatment plan that they are prescribing the patient’s treatment to be provided under hypnosis. As with any other clinical situation, the prescribing dentist would be expected to have some knowledge of the procedure being prescribed, although they need not provide the service personally.

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  • Q
    As a practice owner I would like to offer work experience to final year pupils from the local school. Will this affect my membership?
    11 May 2016
    Dental Protection takes the view that the provision of work experience opportunities is a recognised activity in many professional settings and no additional subscriptions are required by practice owners.  

    We expect that those on work experience placement will not undertake any clinical work but instead observe and shadow your professional practice. Members are welcome to contact Dental Protection for advice about obtaining patient consent and confidentiality agreements as well as other aspects of induction for a practice visit.

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