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01 February 2024


Dr Kaema NadarajanDr. Kaema Nadarajan is the Country Manager in Malaysia for MPS. Having practised as a doctor with the Ministry of Health Malaysia for over 10 years, Kaema brings to her role an extensive experience and understanding of the healthcare landscape in Malaysia as well as common issues faced by healthcare professionals in this region.

Her main focus is to ensure MPS value is well established to support members and the healthcare industry, as well as promoting the importance of ethical related education towards young doctors. Kaema also works very closely with the Malaysian Medical Association and Malaysian Dental Association to make sure the member enquiries and related matters are attended to.

She emphasizes on wellbeing and the importance of achieving a healthy work life balance as a healthcare professional as it is essential for them to perform at their best at work as well as indirectly avoid medical errors.

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