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Why the number of times you call us does NOT affect your subscription

09 November 2020

As a member of Dental Protection, your subscription is calculated based on your type of work and resulting level of risk. Contrary to some opinions, this level of risk is not affected in any way by how many times you call our advice line.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We actively encourage members to contact us for advice to provide peace of mind and help prevent a concern or problem escalating. Despite what you may have heard, the number of times you call is not used as part of the risk assessment that takes place when setting subscriptions. 

How we assess risk

We take a proactive approach to assessing risks – continuously analysing the risks faced by members and identifying them as they emerge. We provide a range of risk prevention resources that can enhance members’ existing skills and reduce the chance of future complaints and claims. These are available and free to all members.

The way we assess an individual member’s risk works in a different way and is designed to balance the needs of the individual member, while maintaining fairness across the membership.

We understand that risk is an inevitable part of any doctor’s career. Our aim is to identify members who appear to either be encountering difficulties in their practice or to be at increased risk of problems in the future. Where appropriate, we offer support as early as possible to help reduce this risk and ensure a higher level of safety in their everyday practice.  

Because we have a responsibility as stewards of the mutual fund, we also believe that the interests of the majority of members should not be compromised by a very small minority who have received a higher volume of claims or cases.

With this in mind, a detailed review process will take place where a member’s risk profile sits far outside that of their peers. In practice, less than 0.1% of the entire medical and dental membership combined may be subject to this type of review.

After this individual review process is completed, members may be asked to pay a higher membership subscription in line with their risk and/or complete a programme of risk prevention courses. In a minority of cases, membership may not be renewed. 

We recognise the potential impact of such decisions, and we want to assure you that they are only made with careful scrutiny and consideration by a panel that includes doctors and dentists.

Don’t believe the myths – get in touch

As an organisation that is owned by its members, Dental Protection is here for one purpose only – to offer support and assistance to you, in a way that enables you to practise safely and as free from medicolegal risk as possible.

For advice and guidance on difficult dilemmas, or to report a potential adverse incident, please don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’re here to support you.