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Dental Protection produces regular risk management publications, advising and supporting dental members around the world and in all stages of their careers.
Please email if you would like to request a copy of one our publications.
  • Riskwise New Zealand - February 2018

    This edition of Riskwise looks at ways to reduce your risk of periodontal complaints including tips and guidance on the effective ways of taking records and notes when monitoring periodontal disease. We also take a look at the need to manage patient expectations and interactions. 
  • Riskwise New Zealand - December 2016

    Welcome to the latest edition of Riskwise New Zealand which I hope you find informative and beneficial. This edition looks at the increase of instances where periodontal disease is not diagnosed. Explore further with articles on the positive benefits of being asked the potentially difficult question - "is it me?", behavioural change following a bad experience, and tips on how to become a more reflective dentist.
  • Teamwise New Zealand - October 2015

    The current edition of Teamwise New Zealand, our risk management magazine for our dental therapist and hygienist members in New Zealand, includes articles about perfect timing - the ever evolving profession, the disadvantages of social media, and an extract from Sheila Scott's new book Putting health at the heart of your practice

    Members can download a copy below.