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We would like to reassure our members in Ireland that the recent vote of the British people to exit the European Union will have no impact on our ability to provide our members with the world class service that you expect. As a not-for-profit mutual with members in many countries around the world, we are experienced at providing a consistent service across different countries.


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  • Riskwise Ireland - January 2016

    Our risk management publication for members in Ireland.

    You can see what Dr Jane Renehan has to say about the Dental Advisory Panel and hear how Dr Ryan Hennessey introduced a hygienist to his team. There are further thought provoking articles including Dr Raj Rattan on planning a developing career, Professor John Gibson on drug therapies that we all need to have a handle on, and the minefield of implant dentistry.

    Members can read the current edition and browse through a library of our publications on Prism, our E-learning platform, or download a copy below.

Common queries

  • Q
    What have you done to address the issues of clinical negligence?
    08 March 2016

    On your behalf, we have made bold but achievable recommendations to government to address the factors contributing to the cost of clinical negligence in Ireland. This includes the publication of our paper Challenging the Cost of Clinical Negligence; The Case for Reform.

    Additionally, we have highlighted the health sector priorities that the new government should prioritise in to allow healthcare professionals to do what they entered their profession to do – care for patients – find out more information

  • Q
    Does requesting advice affect my annual membership subscription rate?
    04 March 2016

    We do not, and never have, used the number of telephone calls from a member seeking advice as part of our risk assessment.

    Indeed, we actively encourage you to contact us for advice or to help prevent a concern or problem from escalating. The number of advice calls does not have any impact on the subscription rate that you are asked to pay.

  • Q
    Why should I renew with Dental Protection?
    04 March 2016

    Our years of experience mean that we understand the challenges that you face, and are best placed to provide clarity for you in what is often a complex and unpredictable environment.

    Unlike other providers, we are much more than a last line of defence – we strive to be a genuine partner in your career, offering protection through partnership. Our in-house experts assist with the wide range of legal and ethical problems that can arise from your professional practice.

    This includes clinical negligence claims, complaints, IDC inquiries, legal and ethical dilemmas, disciplinary procedures and inquests.

    Our professional indemnity and non-indemnity products form part of a wider membership package, which includes expert advice, free professional development workshops and interactive e-learning – which contain Dental Council Ireland approved CPD provision, renowned publications and newsletters, as well as Ireland specific risk management resources and, of course, the right to seek indemnity against complaints and claims. Your membership also affords you the benefit of additional support services including counselling, press office support for media enquiries and access to an online library of advice booklets, factsheets and case reports.

    You can also ask at any time for help with an adverse incident that occurred while you were a member - even if it is years later that the problem arises. We manage claims and complaints from their first notification through to conclusion, and can take care of all the legal costs and compensation payments.