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Our publications

Dental Protection produces regular risk management publications, advising and supporting dental members around the world and in all stages of their careers.
  • Riskwise Scotland
    Riskwise Scotland
    February 2015
    The current edition of Riskwise Scotland, our risk management magazine for dentist members practising in Scotland, includes articles about how we support our members if a claim arises, identifying and addressing patient expectations and how to maintain patient confidentiality in the digital world.

    Members can read the current edition and browse through a library of our publications, on Prism, our e-learning platform. Or download a copy of the previous edition below.


Explore our collection of case studies bringing to life real examples of clinical negligence. Being informed is being protected.

Our advice booklets

Our booklets provide in-depth risk management information on common problems to help you safely negotiate the challenges that can arise at critical points in your career.
  • (DPL)_SCO_Consent-1
    May 2012

    A patient’s informed consent to investigations or treatment is a fundamental aspect of the proper provision of dental care. Without informed consent to treatment, a dentist is vulnerable to criticism on a number of counts, not least those of assault and negligence which in turn could lead respectively to criminal charges and civil claims.

    We've produced specific booklets for: