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Dental Protection produces regular risk management publications, advising and supporting dental members around the world and in all stages of their careers.
  • DPL Annual Review 2015 cover
    Annual Review 2015
    May 2015

    The theme of this year's annual review is Change, reflecting on dentistry as a continually evolving profession, and one which has been quick to grasp and embrace new ideas and new technology.

    Contents include:

    • The digital dentist - dentists, digitisation and the demographics of change by Dr Paul Redmond
    • The empowered consumer - a consideration of the clinician-patient dynamic by Kevin Lewis
    • The shrinking world - taking flight - and its "butterfly effect" on healthcare [migration of dentists] Socio-economic changes
    • When worlds collide [delivery of information from social media, digital knowledge and consumerism]


Explore our collection of case studies bringing to life real examples of clinical negligence. Being informed is being protected.

Our advice booklets

Our booklets provide in-depth risk management information on common problems to help you safely negotiate the challenges that can arise at critical points in your career.
  • second-opinions- new
    Second Opinions
    August 2014
    We are practising in a society which is becoming more consumer-orientated and litigious than ever before. Our patients are more aware of their rights, and more prepared to speak up for them. On occasions members of our profession will encounter patients who are unexpectedly demanding, critical and unforgiving.