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Specifically tailored for dentists in the early stages of their career.
  • Riskmatters UK & Ireland - April 2016

    The current edition of Riskmatters, our publication on topical issues and risk management for dentists at the start of their career, includes articles about difficult interactions with patients, stress management, and professionalism under the spotlight.

    Members can read the current editions and browse through a library of publications, on Prism, our e-learning platform. Or download a copy below.

  • Riskwise UK & Scotland - March 2016

    The current editions of Riskwise UK and Riskwise Scotland, our risk management magazines for dentist members, include articles about personal wellbeing, the dentolegal implications of the internet and social media, and the importance of openness and transparency.

    Members can read the current editions and browse through a library of publications, on Prism, our e-learning platform. Or download copies below.

  • The Young Dentist Magazine UK - May 2015

    Inside the latest issue you will find articles on work life balance, volunteering your dental skills, productive ways to spend your on-call hours, planning your career, a guide to working in Australia, and dentistry in the social media world.

    Plus find out more about, our international website for young dentists by young dentists.

    You can download the current edition below.
  • Annual Review 2015 - May 2015

    The theme of this year's annual review is Change, reflecting on dentistry as a continually evolving profession, and one which has been quick to grasp and embrace new ideas and new technology.

    Contents include:

    • The digital dentist - dentists, digitisation and the demographics of change by Dr Paul Redmond
    • The empowered consumer - a consideration of the clinician-patient dynamic by Kevin Lewis
    • The shrinking world - and its "butterfly effect" on healthcare 
    • When worlds collide - delivery of information from social media, digital knowledge and consumerism
    Members can read the current edition and browse through a library of our publications on Prism, our E-learning platform, or download a copy below.