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Protection for your elective starts here

Whether you choose to stay in the UK or travel abroad for your elective, you’re in for an exciting and challenging time. This will be your first chance to exercise the skills and knowledge you’ve learned over the last few years, and to experience life in a new environment.
While some aspects of planning your trip might seem complicated, one thing really doesn’t have to be: your elective protection.
Almost everywhere will require you to have elective protection, including institutions in the UK. But, as you’re member of Dental Protection, we offer support for your elective completely free.

Can we help?

If you have any queries regarding elective protection please contact us.
Call: 0800 952 0442

Support for your travels

Not only will we provide you with the right to request elective indemnity, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of other membership benefits, like access to our dentolegal advice line in an emergency.
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Protection wherever you are

We’re a global organisation, with members all over the world. No other organisation has our international expertise and connections, so we can support you through your elective.