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Membership that means more

Every aspect of your membership is built around your needs, having been developed and refined over 125 years. And we’re still evolving to help you meet the challenges you face today.

As your protection provider we know you work in a profession where the stakes can be high. You expect exceptional support and protection. Our standards reflect this.

You have a constant, dependable partner throughout your career who knows exactly what it takes to help best protect your reputation. One that’s equally meticulous and dedicated in helping you manage and reduce your risk, to prevent adverse incidents from happening in the first place.

This is how we provide the security you need to do what you do best – practise with confidence.

When you spend every day looking after other people it’s reassuring to know we’re looking after you in the following ways:

Photo of Dental Director Raj RattanRaj Rattan MBE
Dental Director

Advice when you need it:

Our dentolegal advice service is there to help with queries and dentolegal emergencies 24/7, 365 days a year. With the largest worldwide team of dentolegal experts, whatever your question, problem or dilemma, we are only ever a phone call away.

Access to the advice line is unlimited, and the number of times you call has no impact on your subscription rate.

Expert advice that’s always there:

“In a world where one can sometimes feel harassed by agencies, protocols, entitlement and always having to get it right, it’s essential to have access to reasoned support from Dental Protection.”
UK dentist, 2018
Infographic - 11141 advice call in 2018
Infographic - 81pc advice calls answered withing 20s
Infographic - 65pc members have used advice line
Infographic - top topics of advice calls

Handling complaints with confidence

A complaint can happen to any dental professional at any time. In 2018 alone, we helped members in over 2,700 cases where a complaint had been made.

When facing a complaint, it’s reassuring to know you have an organisation with more than a century of experience behind you.

No two complaints are the same, so we take a flexible approach to handling them. We follow our ten-step approach to help get the best resolution for our members.

Read our ten-step complaints approach

Fighting your corner with GDC proceedings

More than a quarter (29%) of the warnings issued by the GDC in the past five years relate to personal conduct matters. Not all organisations provide protection against GDC investigations that relate to personal conduct, but we do. 

This is just another example of where we provide excellence as standard to help safeguard your reputation. It also highlights how important our dentolegal support can be when faced with GDC proceedings.

Read more about our GDC defence:

“I was delighted to receive correspondence from the GDC explaining that my case had been closed by the Case Examiners with no further action. Thank you for the support, professionalism and wonderful advice you gave me throughout this difficult time. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you did on my behalf.”
UK dentist, 2019

Indemnity you can trust

As a member of Dental Protection, we’re here for you throughout your whole career, but if things go wrong our experience and dedication comes into its own.

If you receive a complaint or claim arising from your clinical practice you have the right to request indemnity. We can support you through every step of the clinical negligence claims process to make the whole experience a lot less daunting.

See how our claims process works

Periodontal protection, today and tomorrow

Claims relating to the diagnosis of periodontal disease are on the rise, with some taking up to 20 years to be reported. Therefore, it’s essential you choose a defence organisation that’s built to last.

At Dental Protection we’ll be here as long as you practise, and beyond. You can request assistance at any time and ask us for help and advice in relation to any incident that occurred during your membership period – even years after the date when the incident took place.

The quality of our support is matched by that of the education we provide. In the latest edition of our dental journal, Riskwise, we look in detail at the issues around periodontal claims and complaints and the measures you can take to reduce the risks.

Infographic - only 35pc claims reported in 1st year
Infographic - 28pc claims reported after 5 years or more
Infographic - periodontal claims for up to GBP100k

Proud to be discretionary

The indemnity we offer individual dentists is based on the principle of discretion and provides a host of benefits. 

Discretion gives us flexibility. It lets us treat every case on its individual merit, even those with unusual circumstances.

It also lets us help when a tightly worded insurance contract may have prevented us. Our experienced dentolegal consultants and specialist solicitors can use their judgement and expertise to help you, without the restriction of small print or exclusion clauses. There are also no financial caps on the assistance we can provide.

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