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With your foundation year coming to an end, it’s time to get the best protection possible for your career ahead.

Confirm your details and renew your membership

Once you receive your renewal pack, you will need to confirm your plans for Year Two. It’s easy to let us know what your plans are for year two, simply log in to the MyMPS membership portal and enter your details. To get started, simply choose your types of work for next year:

If you’re not planning to practise in September, you can defer your membership at no cost by emailing us.

Your Year Two subscription

Your Year Two subscription will be tailored to your individual circumstances so it will depend on what additional types of work you do, if any. Here are some examples of how much you could expect to pay for Year Two membership:

Dental Core Training members: approximately £35.

Full-time associate dentist members: approximately £190.

If you are not planning to practise in September or beyond, you can choose to defer your membership at no cost.

Here’s what membership means for you

At Dental Protection, the support and advice we provide makes us the best choice. Trust us to help protect your career and reputation on the next step of your professional journey, and for years to come.

Choose the No.1 for protection

As a member-owned, not-for-profit organisation, we exist purely to support you. Here are just some of the benefits you receive:

Expert advice from the largest worldwide team of dentolegal consultants

Our expert dentolegal team are there to help with queries and dentolegal emergencies whenever you need them. The advice line is even open 24/7, 365 days a year in an emergency. Whatever your question, problem or dilemma, we are only ever a phone call away.

By your side at GDC proceedings

In the past five years, 1 in 3 warnings issued by the GDC related to personal conduct. We're one of the few defence organisations that can offer protection in these cases, going above and beyond to safeguard your reputation.

Positive steps to wellbeing

We protect you in the good times and the bad. As you focus on treating your patients, we’re committed to supporting you and your mental health in a host of ways, including free counselling, a wellbeing app, podcasts, webinars and more. Find out more

Handling complaints with confidence

When facing a complaint, we can help you respond and this can stop a situation from escalating. In 2018 alone, we helped members in over 2,700 cases where a complaint had been made.

Protection with no limits

We’re proud to be discretionary, with no financial caps or limits on the indemnity we can provide. It's why we use people, not contracts, to make decisions.

Indemnity you can depend on

As part of the MPS group, Dental Protection has the largest reserves of any dental defence organisation in the UK. Our members have enjoyed the benefits of this stability for more than 125 years, and we are confident that we’ll be here for another 125.

Content tailored to your career

We provide the largest range of CPD resources of any dental defence organisation, all included as part of your membership, so you can continually build your skills through training days, workshops, events and extensive online learning. Visit Prism to find out more.
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We’ve also created a range of podcasts, covering issues that affect you and your career. Check out the latest podcast: Getting to sleep during COVID-19

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Dentolegal advice
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