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Recorded webinar: Phasing down of amalgam - risk managing the implementation of the Mercury Regulations

Post date: 04/01/2019 | Time to read article: 1 mins

The information within this article was correct at the time of publishing. Last updated 09/08/2019

A recording of this webinar will be available to members on demand for one year after the live broadcast date shown.

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Date: Wednesday 30 January 2019
Time: 13:00 - 14:00

This live one-hour webinar is free for members. It will explore the background to the 2017 Mercury Regulations and discuss their implementation with particular emphasis on risk management in dental practice.

Mercury is a universally present environmental pollutant and the 2013 Minamata Convention requires dentistry to play its part in reducing the global burden.  As a result of the introduction of the Mercury Regulations, dental practice in the EU and UK is required to phase down its use of dental amalgam and to ensure that effective waste management practices are in place.

Earn 1 hour of CPD. 

Attendees who have taken part in the webinar will have an appreciation of:

  • the factors driving the phase down of dental amalgam
  • issues covered by the Mercury Regulations and how they apply in dental practice
  • considerations for managing the implementation of the Mercury Regulations.

This webinar meets the criteria for the GDC development outcomes A, B and D

Presented by:

Dr Susie Sanderson
Dentolegal Consultant, Dental Protection

A general dentist and practice owner for many years, Susie is past chair of the British Dental Association’s Executive Board, President of the BDA and Speaker of the General Assembly of the World Dental Federation (FDI).

She also represents the BDA and Council of European Dentists on issues relating to the EU Mercury Regulation and Antimicrobial Stewardship. Susie’s work at Dental Protection focuses primarily on providing assistance, support and advice for members who are undergoing GDC investigations. 

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