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The practice owner and the associate dentist

15 July 2014
A complaint won’t necessarily only affect one party, so it generally essential to view any problem from all sides for a satisfactory outcome...

A dentist working in a large practice received a patient complaint. She was then asked to give the complaints officer a full report of the incident, which she did after receiving advice from her protection society. She felt that the patient’s complaint was not justified and that no recompense was appropriate.

The practice owner, however, was concerned about damage to the goodwill and was keen to offer the patient an apology and compensation in an attempt to preserve the practice image. The clinician saw this as compromising her professional integrity and did not agree with the practice’s proposed response.

After much discussion, a letter was finally drafted by the practice, which clearly stated that while it was confident that there was no fault on the part of the dentist, the practice purely as a gesture of goodwill was willing to offer an apology and some modest recompense.

Learning point:
Dental Protection can assist in negotiating an outcome to a dispute that recognises all the parties that may be involved.

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